7 days into 2021.

One week into 2021. I read somewhere that the best thing is not to make ‘resolutions’ but to set ‘intentions’ instead. This is because the latter is much more attainable and doesn’t leave you feeling guilty when you can’t accomplish them. I guess it’s similar to the “one day at a time” approach. Hari ani, aku cuba nda marah marah arah Zalora pasal package ku balum datang. I’m on a winning streak cause i’ve been able to hold it in since Monday.

see. small wins. hooray.

it’s Thursday. Where did the week go? I’m here listening to people make “intelligent” arguments about Webex test runs.

First thing i’m going to do once the pandemic is over is get the hell out of this country. I wonder if i had stayed at my old job would i be posted kah by now? or would I be assigned to endure another long stretch of domestic meetings. The idea of being posted is just so good right now.

oh well it is what it is kan. life takes you to unexpected paths and right now, i am more than happy to see where it’s going to take me.

ok bye.

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