POV: 90s kid complaining.

it’s been a rather challenging two years. saw a post on instagram on how the ministry of health has acknowledged that covid had an impact on mental health. thanks…? i guess?

yes it has implicated our well-being..soo….what are we going to do about it?

so here’s my humble suggestion(s)..

(ani bagi org yang bekeraja ni ah)

other than things that we can do for ourselves (like meditation, regular exercise, spritual worship, eating healthily..sleeping early and the list goes on) i think more can be done at the policy level.. like

granting a two day weekend, for HR to actually perform HR tasks..like actually taking care of personnel.. actually (sorry actually lagi skali) making sure that they take their leave .. and ACTUALLY (nah lagi sekali) ensuring that they don’t go beyond working hours or.. to compensate their time accordingly. m

i think there’s stigma surrounding public sector employees ani.. kana ucapkan malas..slalu keluar time keraja.. nada productivity..nada output..

maybe cos the good ones ..leave? so you’re left with the bad apples?

but i can assure you.. not all are like this.

this is sebenarnya and actuallynya (nah lagi skali ku memakai actually ani) an old way of thinking and its high time that the public sector is detached from this image. maybe if there’s no productivity in a particular area, one needs to look at something else closely other than zooming in on the personal shortcomings of employees kan?

anyway, i think these steps are low hanging fruits sebenarnya.. i dont think it would cost anyone anything…

ntah ah for some reason this sort of care isn’t extended to the public sector. maybe because the public sector has been painted as a shrine of privilege and those who have been ‘chosen’ to walk this path shouldn’t be complaining.

huh..a gen z wouldn’t be this kind (ive seen rather terrifying scary reddit posts an institution’s worst nightmare).

ive been “holding” it in for 12 years that it’s causing me bladder problems lol

yes i am grateful for the job and the opportunities. esp in this environment where unemployment is at its highest. besyukur ku banar. it’s not an issue of us not being grateful sebenarnya but it would be nice to be “appreciated” although from over a decade of observation, i figured out that this isn’t part of the public sector culture. i mean not to say that it’s non existent.. ada plang yg dpt pingat..tp what about the unsung heroes yang nda visible tapi slama ani membuat keraja jua?

being appreciated can also include being able to easily access the things that we are “entitled” to in the first place….mcm cuti? . And maybe opportunities for (automatic) promotion after a decade of service would be nice too. a promotion at my level is tied up to a requirement to pass an exam that is totally unrelated to my field of expertise ..which really sucks and sort of unfair. but hey if i can’t have the latter.. pls just take care of my well being a liiiiittle bit better? no system is perfect kan? but there’s always room for improvement.

mental health is wealth and happy employees do a better job.


ok bye.

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