Mengimbau or Mengimbas?

Skalinya aku ani ada lagi larian 15km at the end of the week.

I am not prepared.

Out of “nothingtodoness” I signed up for a 15km “nostalgia run” this coming Sunday. I’ve just checked out the organizer’s website, so apparently they’re calling it that cause it has been a while since anyone has organized a run FROM the Stadium.

eee apakan. membarikan “brb crying”.. pasal inda creative langsung!

Hari hari pun ku belusir dari stadium ani sama si Anam sama si Jen. Pikir nostalgia run ani pasalnya.. it’s in conjunction with national day kah? mcm the theme could be:

1. “untuk mengimbau kenangan lama zaman masa silam semasa Brunei masih di panggil Poni, woiseh” (ada woiseh!).
2. atau pun larian nostalgia: “YAOHAN” or
3. “mengimbas kembali zaman kegemilangan era Boney M?” *fades in* daddy…daddy cool, daddy…daddy cool.

tapikan seinda-creative-creative nya: who’s running it? oh this girl.always. woiseh. (apakan woiseh ani sebenarnya? who coined it?)

so anyway. so it’s too late to back out now cause I’ve paid the 32 bucks. the only thing to do now is to run it. I have not been training for this. I did initially… until I fell sick. It’s such a tragedy to fall sick in the middle of a running progression banar cause now i have to start balik dari awal…

I have not determined my time goal but apparently, there’s an online calculator that can help me with that. I am currently sitting on 1hr 9min for a hilly 10km..pace kemarin

Kalau 15km…I think ideally I should be able to *kira kira pakai jari* finish within 1hr 20minutes. ideally.

I have 6 days to improve. then again, even if I don’t perform. who cares. it’s just good to be out to cuci cuci the mata and it gives me material to talk about on the blog…


kiss me.

[edited: hahaha prasan si siti ani. ketawa si jen sama si anam. 1hr 20 minutes tekarang. ill be lucky to finish under 1hr 45 minutes]

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