Kan marah marah Zalora saja.

Apart from a global covid vaccination, Zalora packages are the only other thing I can look forward to these days – though with much contempt. 2020 was definitely the year of angry Zalora customers. I’m sure I’m not the only one who they have put on a murderous edge.

I do realise that i should be a little bit more empathic seeing that we are in the middle of a pandemic, but it’s really no excuse for shit service.

So as it turns out, it wasn’t ZALORA causing the delays, it’s actually the 3rd party delivery service they have contracted in Brunei! Every time you call to complain they will always tell you that they’re having problems with their system.. the best excuse they’ve given me is that the driver will not be going past my kampong in that given week… aku paham kalau centre nya ani di temburong… tapi i know for a fact that their distribution centre is located in Madang. Unless we live in a parallel universe, Serusop will ALWAYS be on the way. lol. even if it isn’t, they should make it a point to stop in Serusop because they have a “customer” in Serusop. and Brunei isnt that big to begin with. Everywhere in Brunei-Muara takes 15 minutes to reach tops. Kecuali kalau tinggal on a highway of excuses. atu batah kan sampai tu mamanya.

My poor heart just can’t take it. These phone calls just sucks the life out of you mcm you can’t help but feel defeated sometimes. I always feel like I’m about to get a mini heart attack after hanging up. I’ve had my share of shitty customer service especially when I was living in Belgium. Then again, come to think of it, I was partly to blame for it. If I had spoken fluent french I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be a persisting problem.

Ani I’m in Brunei, if they don’t speak English, I can speak Malay..if they don’t speak Malay, I speak English…if they’re Filipino I sometimes will enunciate my words to make them understand me better.. like saying “POR”…instead of FOUR. and if they’re Indonesian I will use Indonesian words like JAHE instead of HALIA. So it’s really not so much a communication breakdown but a Cavalier attitude towards “customers”.

As someone who has a side hustle myself, I am passionate about customers being treated like customers. I see it as a reflection of their upbringing bah jua. You can tell a lot about someone from the way they handle their customers. Kadang2 the attitude of top management trickles down to the staff. apa nya Pramlee.. “bahasa menunjukkan bangsa”.

I think this is an area that we are definitely lacking di Brunei ani.

Customer fucking service.

You know the customer service is good when their Malay staff speaks English with a Filipino twang. haha that’s how u know they’ve been trained by the best in the industry! that “mam/sir” life is customer service goals.

kiss me.

50 thoughts on “Kan marah marah Zalora saja.

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