selasai sudah.

Just done with meetings for the year. This is how i feel during the meetings:
hungry all the time
stress no excercise.
hungry. hungry.hungry.

How i feel post meetings:

the struggle is real. you’d think things would be slightly different now that things have been taken up virtually. inda. sama saja. but i guess the good thing is that it only goes on for a shorter period of time. if they were physical meeting i’d be going without excercise and proper sleep for weeks.

so now. im trying to get back on my feet. a colleague ordered everyone chips earlier today. so that kinda threw me off a little bit. macam how can you say no to perfectly fried hot chips? i’m meant to keep my carb intake under 70g today. tapi mcm nada harapan. i had gone over. way over. but its ok gais, i didnt just stuff my head into a bag of chips without a plan. i HAD planned on running it off. but i’m hearing rolls of thunder as i type this. ok fudge. no running. again. for the second time this week. ok. this will mean that i will have to face the music of digesting potato mush without the help of esesais. to the colleague who offered me chips..i hope you…burn……….have a good life.

i gained 2kilos from working late nights for a week. i need to lose it and improve my fitness before the 21km brunei halfies im running on the 6th. currently im sitting on 2hrs 25minutes. i’d love to see myself complete a half marathon at under 2hours. looks like a far cry. but possible…IF I START SAYING NO TO CHIPS.

ok adios. kiss me.

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