a list of (no)things

In the last year, everytime i thought of a joke and there’s NOBODY around to share it with, I’ve made a habit of writing them down in my notepad. I reckon i’d be able to publish a book of jokes by the end of my posting..mcm.. knock knock? who’s there? NOBODY.

damn right it’s nobody.. nobody …nobody..but you. so sad 🙁

Living alone has its ups and downs. On one hand, you have nobody to share your lame jokes with. On the other..you can run around telanjang in your house and no one bloody cares you enjoy your space. I love my alone time. even more than i like fried chicken. i like it alot to the point of anti social. I love waking up to nothing to do.. and not knowing what to do. I like taking my time thinking about what to eat for lunch.. contemplating gym.. and what to watch next on Hulu. I love my The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon. I like my uninterrupted hot showers.. and the mini facials i give myself every night before going to bed. I love making quick trips to the boucherie to buy my contrefillet and pieces of blanc de poulet..and running to the nearest deli when i run out of milk.. i love reading french signage out loud when i’m in the car…and cackle at myself when i know that i’m pronouncing it wrong.. i love filling up my car tank by myself..i love snacking on the best gaufres in the gaufre planet as i quietly stroll down the frozen isle in Carrefour..

i love when i randomly blog like this…

things are looking up. i’ve finally settled to this ‘new life –

almost a year later.

good things take time. it involves alot of patience.

gosh. so much shit to remember.


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