Dilwale 2015

Brussels has been kind to me since i came back from my short trip to Brunei. So kind that along with the rest of the world they’ve decided to screen the much anticipated movie of 2015 – Starwa…. DILWALE. If i didn’t ask the office boy at work if he watched hindi films i wouldn’t have known that it was playing here and was thiiiis close to jumping on the next Eurotrain (in the style of Chennai Express) to London just to see it.

The movie was so good that i felt the need to write about it. In leading up to the movie I made sure i watched Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Which was apparently the movie that they claimed to be the beginning of SRK and Kajol’s on-screen romance. Unfortunately, DDLJ did nothing for me, but i’m cutting it some slack, it would’ve probably made a difference had i watched it when it first screened 15 years ago.

Anyway 15 years later, Dilwale came out promising a continuity to this chemistry and so much more and it freakin DELIVERED. It’s like discovering Hindi movies for the first time. Remember that time when Kuch Kuch Hota Hai came out? and the whole world celebrated? Exactly the same feeling. There’s just something about Bollywood movies that resonates within you and like a good book, i love getting lost in them.

DILWALE deserves a DIWALI of its own.

The locations it was filmed in also made all the difference. I am beginning to see how Europe is made for Hindustan!!! Its vast mountainous landscapes, lush flower fields, big blue skies are all meant for a remarkable bollywood affair 🙂

I’ve downloaded the OST off itunes and it’s been on repeat since Christmas. Adele? ha siapa Adele? Justin Bieber? Siapa tu? hehe.

If you have an opportunity to watch the movie go and watch it and celebrate Kajol and the undisputed King of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan!!!!

kiss me.

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  1. Brussels n Dilwale don’t rhyme (esehmen) but their “fields” are synonymous teehee.. Anyway happy new year, stay safe n keep on p.ramlee-ing your life through your blog. ?

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