Will the real Syazwana please stand up?

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a very long time.

So I am one of those people who got on to the gmail bandwagon when it first started and therefore was lucky enough to have my name as an email address. Just my name NO sk8er numbers, NO sharp underscores. It just simply says ‘syazwana’ on my email. And for as long as i can remember, I’ve always received emails coming from other ‘Syazwanas’ in the world…of Malaysia.

It first started off ‘innocently’ with registration confirmation for facebook accounts and I have deactivated and deleted at least 3 Syazwana accounts in the last couple of years. Then telephone bills from DIGI started coming in addressed to a WAN SYAZWANA. At one point, i was receiving work related emails from the Ministry of Health of Malaysia. Troubled by its sensitivities, I have tried emailing back to tell them that the gmail account does not correspond to the SYAZWANA that they are trying to reach.I also get numerous instagram and facebook alerts requesting for new passwords.. wtf kan?

Oh. i forgot to mention that i also have @Syazwana for my instagram account.

It’s the same on instagram. I get tagged alot on faces that doesn’t belong to me. Macam aiks..sejak bila ku memakai tudong planet?

So okay, faking emails for facebook accounts i can somewhat comprehend but i wonder what all these other Syazwanas are thinking when they give their telephone providers and work place the wrong email address? these are like actual institutions! and mind you, the emails i get usually contains REAL PERSONAL INFORMATION? KALAU KU JAHAT??? Kalau ku perompak? Kalau ku kan mau recruit orang jadi DOWNLINE ku?

Eh bodoh le awax ni banar,tak paham lah SAYE..

So why am i only raising the issue on my blog today?



I was going through my email when i saw BONIA. I was like eh? when did i sign up to fucking Bonia??? Mesti si WAN SYAZWANA atau Si NOR Syazwana membali bag baru ni. btw, ada year end sale 50% (PERATUS ok?)

Bonia isn’t the problem. It’s just that i hate having to second guess MYSELF. mcm… oh maybe i did signed up to Bonia? (in a parallel fucking universe). u know that LALI feeling when you think u did something but you’re not sure? It’s like when you’re on your way to the airport thinking that you’ve left something behind but you dont know apa? (sekalinya barus gigi..) Yes. That! and i absolutely hate it.

My email’s just THAT convenient kali. kalau ku bejumpa drg ani si wan syazwana si nor syazwana, ill sit them down and have them memorize their OWN email addresses…or ku suruh durang buat email durang sendiri dapan ku.. antah imagine ku kalau malaikat betanya durang dalam kubur ‘HOII MANUSIA APA EMAIL KAMU..’ … syazwana@gmail.com


skali.. kana tanya lagi ‘TETAPKAN LALUAN KATA INSTAGRAM KAMU’ ..’forgot password – email to syazwana@gmail.com new password’.


banar tah kamu ani.


ok bye.

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