Kasi kambang up sikit.

Wah. Where did the year go? I spent at least 9 months ..no..not pregnant. but feeling sorry for myself. 9 months of pity-partying and now i’m slowly calming-down from its effects – a good thing. I am so grateful for being allowed to take 3 weeks leave from Europe which is all that i need to recuperate. The tropical sun and the warmth of family, Pepinot and Bane did help to bring back a little bit of colour to my face. I’m currently blogging from London, two euro train stops away from Brussels which i now call home. I start work Monday. I should promise myself at least 2 weeks of Bruniean vacation a year. I am now ready to face another year blood, sweat and tears. I’m approaching Brussels with a pair of fresh eyes and hopefully a stonger heart!

In Brunei, I ran, i ate, i laughed and i ‘Gegared Veganzad’ my time away, like Nassier Wahab’s face, i feel rejuvenated and young again. Like all the other times, i don’t really expect this feeling to last but i’m just going to have to live in the moment. u know lah, life! sometimes u upstey, sometime u downstey..thats why when u downstey it’s important for you to be around the right people.. just to make it a little bit easier for you to bounce back. I cannot wait till my next Bruneian holiday. uh. lama lagi plang. Tapi paling yang ku inda miss, paci paci yang penguratan di stadium atu. like PULEAZE. PULEAZE ok.

PULEAZE *emoji kuku cutex warna ping* buleh lagi kamu UP kan sikit game mengurat kamu atu? Mun muka yewww mcm muka nassier wahab kah Ramli M.S kah nda jua kenapauuu..ani mcm… ntah ah inda ME tau apa ME kan ckp.. tp SHADAP. I was cooling down after a run when a group of uncles walked towards me, i had my earphones on but my music was off when a paci went “Assalamualaikum…” when i didn’t reply and continued looking ahead he added “ee..pdntah nda menjawab, pakai earphone rupanya”. skali aku pusing aku ckp SHADAP.ok. i SHRIEKED. i said SHADAP.. in a shriek-y angered voice. skali durang ketawakan aku ucapkan aku perasan. oh. nasib jadi seorang perempuan. di jawab kana ucap gatal, inda di jawab kana ucap tuli, di lawan kana ucap perasan. lol. i knew i shudnt have reacted the way i did, but it came almost like a reflex. Was more of a misplace displace anger kinda situation kali. 3 months ago, in brussels, i was sexually harassed at the park on my first day back of running. skali sampai ani lah kali trauma, i just hate the fact that a girl can’t run in peace. if a girl has been sexually harassed di Brunei people would be quick to judge them by their clothing and behaviour…what is disappointing the same judgement would also be passed by women.bukan apa tani sebagai perempuan mesti jua menyokong perempuan lain. dimana saja..sama ada di rumah, di tampat keraja..di stadium..atau dimana jua berada. makasehhh. tapi puas plang atiku ku teraisi paci atu..hwahwahwa..krg ani nda lagi main besalam paci..main SWIPE RIGHT. wooo.

masak sudah ku laki2 mengambang ani.. hahaha.. ada lagi ariatu kami di Kadai Komunis… inda jua ‘ariatu’ lah’ time nya bejual dvd cetak rompak masih. An uncle went up to the sales girl and dangan senyaring nyaring suaranya betanyakan kalau ada “DVD STEVEN SEAGAL BARU” when the sales girl asked “AH APA?” kuat lagi ia menjawab “STEVEN SEAGAL BAH. STEVEN SEAGAL. YANG BARU!” lolllzzzzzz mcm lagi kuat ya ckp steven seagal atu mikin basar muscle di dada nya. mikin nyaring, mikin SADO hahahahahaha. mun aku sales girl atu ku tawakan kali eh.. PACI.. STEVEN SEAGAL BARU PACI?????????????????????????? banyak injek steroid kali kita ani paci… sadar kita kah ani taun 2015…SS nda lagi pemes……….. pemes lagi Nassier Wahab.

kdg2 cali2 the characters that u bump into.. i was with Elush on a roadtrip to Nafi for the first time. Somehow we made the wrong turn and drove into British Garrison ..when we asked the abang security for the directions to Nafi..he told us in what we think was his most sweetest sing-a-song voice.. ‘YOU keluar sini..kanan, skali YOU nampak BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM…skali kiri’. We quickly thanked him and made our way….. MCM KAMI TAU SAJA APA BAM ANI KAN? BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM. mmm..banai ta tewww..

HUMP tu dearrr..bukan BAM..

bam bam bam bam bam…

mmm..BAMai ta tew.

ok. pukul 9 sudah.


kiss me.

4 thoughts on “Kasi kambang up sikit.

  1. it’s sik.30am here.hahaha rinduku baca post mu syaz! Walaubagaimanapun sis disini ingin mengucapkan tabahkan lah hati menempuhi hari2 mu disana yasss

  2. You’re back!!! Haha!! Another masterpiece keke. Kelurusan tah jua hari ani ku mencheck, time the cinemas r packed coz of star wars!! Growing up sux indeed, I agree but in the midst of all that suckiness, you made em sound bearable. I gave birth 49 days ago and in between my hormonal phases and trying to keep my sanity, reading your blog cheers me up. And yup,your writing still has the same aura, still cracking us up silly.

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