Wishlists for my birthday.

Blogging aint dead. Says Flipboard.

I’m in love with the Flipboard app on the iphone. but what makes it suck is the internet connection. But i’m not going to go there. Internet connection in Brunei sucks. but that’s old news. you can read all about it in my previous posts. i think ive bad-mouthed espeed enough in this life time that im certain that i will be turned in to a espeed router in the next life.

anyway, i’m in the midst of creating a wishlist on Amazon for my birthday. i’ll be sharing the link in a while and i encourage you to click on it if you’re feeling generous. It’s useful resource for those who are perhaps thinking of getting me something..but don’t know where to start..well. look no further.


all i want for my birthday are cake stands and cookbooks. I can take care of the shoes and bags myself, thank you. although… if you’re feeling generous…and you’re thinking of getting me something……..

hahaha i kid. i kid.

ALTHOUGH.. there’s this really nice PVC clutch from Valentino that i’m really digging (deep in my pockets for) that i encourage you to look at… hehehe..no la.

nevermind. im fine in that department.

i’m still saving up for that 7k Chanel Maxi…funny how i say saving up when i’ve got nothing saved up. hahaha.


where is my KING charming?

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