Currently on transit in Changi. En route to somewhere fabulous. riding in biz class.. ive made sure that my make up artist is part of my entourage this time. did a little bit of shopping, didn’t score much apart from 3 pairs of this season’s chanel kicks that would match with Lanvin & Stella summer ensembles.

hahahahahahahahahahahhaa. i wish.

the joke’s on me.

let me start over.

Currently in Changi. waiting for the next flight out to country x to attend meeting x. riding the kambing. and this morning i packed my bags and made my way to the airport, half asleep. confirm tetinggal spendet/spendets. i wouldn’t call this JET SETTING. never. in my life. especially when you know you going to be spending the next week cooped up in a meeting room with bad lighting , sipping endlessly on cups of (bad) black coffee cause you know..your life depends on it. Although i do have to admit this is probably a good way to see the world.. but those who have LIVED will agree that it’s not the IDEAL way.

it’s okay. my time will come. as they say. susah susah dulu senang senang kemudian..ataupun difficult difficult first, easy easy later. LOL. i just love translating malay peribahasa into english. what would the world do if I were to be the person behind GOOGLE TRANSLATE? hahahahahahahaahaha.



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