If I’m still a blogger, then why am i never invited to blogger gatherings anymore? Now, wait a minute, I am not complaining nor am i lobbying to get myself invited to the local blogging events but i just want to say that I GET JEALOUS. ESPECIALLY and ONLY when it comes to food tasting events.

I mean who wouldn’t? all the free food and the fact that you get to try the food for free saves you $$$ loads from paying for shitty meals. especially when they say their food is of “fine dining” quality. give it 5 years and we still won’t get close to the true definition of fine dining in Brunei.

Unless… unless..they start paying us more 😛 but that’s another story.

My story is, i get jealous BUT on the other hand, i probably wouldn’t like the idea of having to blog nice things about shitty things. I’d probably do it for hard cold cash..but i’d definitely won’t do it for a free meal.

i miss Charcoal.

I’ve been here a month. 2 more months to go. So far there’s nothing to complain about except the fact that i haven’t ran in almost a month and i’m gaining weight fast from sampling all the food items offered at the international pavilions.

TWO weeks ago we were constantly trying not to vomit out our innards from consuming the Prawn Burgers at Lotteria on a daily basis now i’m just trying to keep my temptations under control. It’s so hard not to pop by the Dunkin Donuts across the Brunei pavilion for an extra large Cappuccino. On the way UP to the Pavilion there’s Singapore with their Halal chicken curry and RICE and SHELL-LESS Chilli Crab..(it’s like the WHOLE WORLD have intentionally made it easy for me to get fat kan? haha SHELL-LESS CHILLI CRAB GUYS. CRAB, WITHOUT THE SHELL!!! ) and nearby, i have my theme park style, american churros..from the churros stand, i can see the turkish abangs selling authentic turkish ice-cream, Dondurama. The Turkey Pavilion itself houses an array of halal doner kebabs complete with Lahmacun and Meat-filled Pides. The icing on the cake has got to be the Belgium pavilion that sells my favorite belgian cookies Speculous BY THE PACK and a collection of chocolates by Godiva , Neuhaus and Callibaut…but u know what? ALL THIS GOOD QUALITY CHOCOLATE .. and i’m craving for TIM TAMS. which i managed to SOURCE by the way. YES, I CAN DO EVERYTHING. lol. I’ve made friends with people over in the Australian Pavilion and scored a piece yesterday.

Oh oh. and finally, finally, finally..there’s finally Sushi! the JApanese have opened a food court somewhere in the basement and after month of being sushi deprived.. i finally managed to sink my teeth in to an Inari.

mari lah menari.

jadinya, bepantun. lol.

i should really slow down kali. especially when it costs 18,000 won (about BD$18) for a set of raw fish and another 4,000 won ($4) for a cone of strawberry ice-cream. Singapore has never been more kiasu their chicken curry costs about 15 bucks. I think the malaysians are selling a set of teh tarek and roti canai for $18. haha. exploitation at its zenith. if i keep this up, i don’t think ill be able to afford Lotteria prawn burgers in a few weeks time.

I have the morning off today. Will only start work at 2. its a little bit close to 11.

I should slip on my running shoes and go for a short run. it’s been a while :S

kiss me.

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