Forest Gump.

i need a layout change. im thinking white. nantitah sudah ku ada masa.

had a good run today. my running buddy and I managed to run a full round at the stadium in less than 30 minutes..initially it took us 45 minutes.. so its a good improvement. we’ve been running for what? 2 weeks now? my goal is to be able to run non stop for at least half an hour.

in other news.. nada. i wnted to stop by Joey’s to get One Fine Day on dvd. I was dicussing romantic comedies with a friend last nite and i just remembered that before You’ve got Mail there was One Fine Day! The one with all of that George Clooney love.. *cue in..what a man what a man what a man what a mighty good man*. haha. skali nya inda sampat! ive been trying to stream it online..but i dont know which site offers movie i want to watch eh. i want george clooney bah.

ok im in no mood to blog anymore. nada kan ku ckpkan? lol

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  1. Ti look up to couch to 5k program! Dr A’s been doing it..I think she’s onto the next stage, the 10k sudah. I’ve fallen off the running and exercise as a whole bandwagon hahaha ngalih ku ngalihhhhhhhh xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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