Fun in Pink!

I just came back from the Go Pink Foodie Event for Breast Cancer. Not knowing what recipe to contribute at first, i settled for my simple Banana Cake recipe. One of my many favourite things in this whole wide world.I was first introduced to the cake when i was studying in Melbourne by my good friend Kamy. She used to bring her version of the banana cake over during exam time..and i instantly fell in love with it. there’s just something about it that is oh-so-comforting. i dont know ah. maybe its the scent and the very flavors of nut meg & cinnamon that soothes the tastebuds..and then mom, i remember sometime during puasa last year made her version drizzled with butterscotch. now every one knows that banana cake + butterscotch is what LOVE is made of.

The simple recipe won me fourth place only losing one point to coconut jelly. i am so proud of myself. lol. something that you need to know about me, i dont need to be first place to feel like im on top of the world!

Will be selling the banana cake on The Cakery soon..and will be donating $2 for every banana cake sold to the Breast Cancer Support Group 🙂 Recipe should also be available in the Pink Foodie Recipe Book which will be out pretty soon. cant wait. i have to thank Pablo for pushing me to contribute a recipe. lol.

the event this afternoon was a success. thanks to the committee. good job everybody. and i apologize for not being able to contribute more of my time in coordinating the event…i hope everyone gets a good nite’s rest..

Say hello to Monday.

kiss me.

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