March 29th, 2014 by pynk

i initially wanted to share with the world what happened to me last weekend. but i decided not to. hence the one liner in the last post. shit happens. you just learn to deal with it.

it’s almost the end of march. work is piling up by the day. but i’m telling myself to take everyday in stride. whining is for losers. one should not whine too much if they want to succeed in this world. so ive decided that from now onwards, im going to do a little less whining and a little more of happiness. although, a few bursts of rants every now and then could be considered as healthy.

this is the new me. no more whining. just doing.

i have also decided to omit all unnecessary noise from my life. i realised i have enough drama to last me a life time.

i will also try to talk to god more often.

im turning 30 in less than two years.

some things have got to change.

and i will start from me.

a brush with death.

March 29th, 2014 by pynk


terima kasih.

kiss me.

March 2nd, 2014 by pynk

payah jua kan kurus ani..sanang lagi bangun tidur kan keraja, on a MONDAY.

urgh. totes hating the fact that i’m back to square one. i’m always back to square one and i don’t even know what the heck a square one is. but i know that it refers to starting bloody facking all over again, all the time, all day every day, all year..all my life.

February 22nd, 2014 by pynk

aku awal ani di china.

my first time di china. awal ani jua aku makan toble-tze. atau nama sebenar, toblerone. atau nama umum, coklet. pasal apa ia toble-tze. pasal ia di cina. tapi sebenarnya, inda, namanya masih jua TOBLERONE (of Switzerland).. tp pasalnya aku kan becali, ku cinakan lah jua, jadi toble-tze.

i am procrastinating from work. sometimes i feel like i’m back in uni again. trying to find new ways to procrastinate. after today’s meeting, i’ve slept. i’ve gone to the gym. i’ve spent a good amount of time on the youtube-less and facebook-less internet , ive had my dose of toble-tze and now i find myself with nothing else to do but to start on my long ass report on how to make the world a better place.


ok..maybe not yet.

aku mau kurus. mcm #bclsinclair hahahaha bcl sinclair tia lagi. thats bunga cinta lestari for those who are un-acquanted with Indonesia’s celebrity scene. she’s looking so good these days, better than she did before. i honestly think, that women, like men do and can get more beautiful with age. bukan laki2 saja yang mikin tua mikin handsome. ive seen plenty of women who are hotter now than they ever did their whole lives – even after marriage and a handful of babies.


thats all.


February 15th, 2014 by pynk

at changi.

bored to death.

ive been here since 3pm. flight home isn’t until 9. it is now 7. ive just about stalked every single kardashian (and friends) on instagram. bought just about every food magazine i could find at the book store and i’ve said hello to goldfish.

now i am going to blog and i plan an angry changi selfie afterwards before starting on the $200 worth of books and magazines i just bought out of freaking boredom. i hate being stuck at airports for long periods of time. exsp Changi. one time, i flew out of here with a pair of $500 dollar-shades that i’ve never once worn in the sun. then again, if you have to be stuck at an airport for long periods of time, changi would be the place to be. i cannot imagine getting stuck for hours at the airport in Bandung. id probably fly home with a bag-full of keropok belinjau and dodol. well. if you think about it that way… it won’t be so bad kali hahaa exsp on your wallet.

big sigh.

im sleep deprived. thank god im going home to a Sunday at least i can sleep all day tomorrow. unless my ZZ-quil induced sleep fails me. then i would have to spend the day contemplating about my life on a Monday. i think it’s time for that 2 day weekend that i keep on talking about. #brunei. hear me out.


so sleeepy.


im currently at the laptop station. laptop charging. phone charging. i think i might just tidur until it’s time to board the plane.

ill see you in a couple of hours brunei.

make the effort bitches.

February 7th, 2014 by pynk

it sucks the life out of me just to keep up with these relationships.

its fucking tiring.

Sapit Nutella.

January 20th, 2014 by pynk

time passes, people change. jangantah people, Sapit lagi krg ani warna warna usulnya. sudahtah warna warna, dalamnya ada lagi Nutella! isuk2 apa kah lagi ada dalam sapit.. sapit dalam sapit dalam sapit dalam sapit ada nutella kali! nice jua tu ah. semakin ranggup.

it has been a great month so far. so great that i’m enjoying a bag of honey-coated belinjau as i type. ive lost 2kgs since my new york trip.. but my weight is still nowhere near ideal. which made me stop and think.. that perhaps.. i am sebenarnya at my happy weight? this is my happy weight? and that i am feeling more content than i have in the last few years. i am at my happiest. yes!!! it must be happiness. could it be happiness?

u know ishappiness until i put on my every day clothes.

sampit semua. kalau ku pakai baju mcm kan carik bah baju ah. skali lapas atu carik, aku jadi tarzan.

tarzan kampung serusop. skali lapas atu sambung lagi makan sapit.


oh sapit.

kenapa kau nyaman?

selamat tahun baru.

January 8th, 2014 by pynk

Seminggu sudah selamat tahun baru ani. inda lagi lama selamat tahun baru cina. ada ariatu ke tebaca di whatsapp, org atu ckp ‘selamat tahun baru hijrah’. kali orang atu selama ani tidur. pasalnya i think what she meant was selamat tahun baru ‘masehi’. its ok tu. baik jua bukan selamat tahun baru krismas.

teruskan tidur untuk negara.

in anycase, i enjoyed my new york holiday. so much, that my sis dared me to change my IG display name to NY-SITI.I will not. no thank you. but i loved it. it was dreamy. i didn’t want it to end. how i wish i could scour the streets of new york longer. my holiday was reminiscent to my days as a student in melbourne. in many ways, new york was alot like melbourne. only bigger. but instead of trams they had subways. and instead of Collins street they had Madison and 5th. there were a couple of sites that i missed like the new york state library, the museum mile, i have yet to walk across the brooklyn bridge and try a kronut. i told myself that i will come back for more.

and now here i am, from being in the center of the universe straight back to the center of a headache. vorenx. suffering from post-holiday blues. oh what i wouldn’t do for a legit cup of latte.


time to diet.

kizz me.

i have a secret affair.

December 12th, 2013 by pynk

with YouTube.

Ever since we upgraded to fiber, my life has been nothing but a whirl wind of youtube videos. I’d watch everything from vlogs to.. indonesian comedy shows like opera van java.. dangdut mash ups.. cooking programmes to the likes of Heston…sometimes Gordon..sometime Julia Child..most times Anthony Bourdain.. gag reels of my favourite movies.. documentaries on egyptian mummies , the discovery of Islam.. and the Highland Tower tragedy of 1993 oh..and mary kate and ashley movies from way back when..tee-hee.


depending on how u use it it can be a very informative tool. i now know that i won’t be getting the Google Glass anytime soon.. and those Chanel 30min movies directed by Karl Lagerfeld were all cringe worthy.. and the the Goyang Cesar dangdut moves were created by Cesar himself..hence Goyang Cesar.

see how much im learning? mcm i just log in to you tube and i let my mind wander.. where i stop nobody knows.

i’m currently just a click away to finding out whether this Sushi place in NYC that i plan to go to next week would be worth the trip. Apparently sushi served at Yasuda’s even better than the sushi you would find in JAPAN. h

among the things that i’ll definitely be doing on my trip to new york.. is CHICAGO on broadway! omg. i have been waiting all my life to catch it on broadway. if im lucky i might just be able to get seats for Annie too.

i cannot wait i cannot wait.

ok sorry m just rambling. my cuti officially starts in 3 days.

kiss me.

fuck you.

December 11th, 2013 by pynk

Do you know what is more offensive than the middle finger? being seated next to a guy with terrible manners in a plane.

it was bad enough that i was given a middle seat. what made it worse was the fact that this guy next to me kept on blowing his nose in to his his BARE HANDS. Just when you thought it kudnt get any worse.. the unthinkable happened.. when the stewardess approached our row to offer us hot towels…Mr. Mucus next to me POLITELY DECLINED.. with a look that said ‘y wud i need hot towels, no siree, my hands are HOT enough, thank you’.

I was left squirming in my seat for the next 3 hours ..RELAXING (NOT!) to an EARFUL of NOSE BLOWING as i endure a 3hr flight next to a HANDFUL of mucus.

Somewhere over South China Sea the situation escalated to another level of OFFENSIVE when he started picking his nose and followed by snot wiping on the small screen infront of him. yet again, when the air crew passed by with nuts and serviettes, he happily took the pack of nuts and dismissed the latter with a look to me that said ‘pfft. serviettes!’.

bagi GIGITAN kan????? palui ko babi si ken mati sibayi ani. I was so angry to the point of entah ah.. to the point of WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON????!?!!?!?!? I couldn’t believe my DUMB LUCK. Unfortunately, ive struck plenty of these during the year, but this was the “absolute dumb bull shit luck go to hell” ever.

i really don’t get people with no manners, though, this isn’t the first time plang that been confronted with atrocious manners..but this was definitely the benchmark. i don’t think it could get anymore barigali then this. these people should not be allowed on planes.

they should have some sort of special equipment to help detect bad manners in passengers upon boarding a flight. they should make those with bad manners sit in the cargo or IN propellers and have them pick each other’s nose and play with each other’s snot and blow mucus in to each other’s hands. fuck you.

thank god it was a short flight.

and u know what that whole time i was thinking… I PITY THE GIRL THAT GOT/WOULD BE MARRIED TO THIS FUCKER. why? because albeit his disgusting habits, he was actually dressed pretty smart. he looked like he was, like me, on an official mission. woo. so girls dont be fooled. before you marry the guy, i recommend you put them on the plane and have someone spy on them. just to make sure you’re not getting your hands deep in mucus ;)

valuable lesson learnt: next time, check-in ONLINE.

kiss me.

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