hey livie. havent paid this year.

hehe. oh and hello to you too.

I’m back on the island. I have been officially introduced to Smith and i totally get the appeal now. I’ve never missed a facial and my skincare is on point. Total cost of kampong upkeep: close to 600 bucks a month – personal trainer included. What is not included are my anti-hestamines stash, manicures , pedicures, and trips to a nearby country for haircuts and the shit tons of clothes i buy online.

This is why i can’t quit my job and uh also the fact that i am still an impulsive can’t say no shopper. I need to fucking save.

btw. just to be clear (and less obnoxious) the haircuts i get overseas are not exactly better than if i was to get one in Brunei. i just have trust issues.


I love being home. I love how calm and peaceful it is here. No speed limits to watch out for. No parking tickets and i appreciate how everything is within reach. i dont even get questioned about the M word anymore. People just assume that i just graduated from University. “ah anak bungsu kah?” to which i will reply “Yup!”. Org 30 tahun pun expect aku mencium tangan durang. (uh. no bitch. kau cium tanganku pls.)

I dont know how long i have until i run out of collagen. so i’m running with it.

Everyone’s trying to sell me vitamins and supplements of some sort. I’ve promised meetings with a handful of beauty influencers. tunggu dulu girls, aku save usin dulu. At the offer of another beauty instagrammer, I’m currently also waiting for my allergy tests to come back. Paid 280 bucks to get strands of my hair shipped to Singapore to get it tested. I hope it will tell me that i’m allergic to EVERYTHING… u know. just to get my money’s worth. I’ve actually been tested for allergies a few years back.. and i discovered that i was allergic to dust mites, dog and cat hair…well maybe this time ill be allergic to all the animals in the zoo.

i should really stop clicking on all of the sponsored ads on instagram. semua tah kan pemes krg ani di instagram. semua pun kan jadi social influencer. semua pun kan mengendorse product. semua pun kan bejual maajun kuat selasa. tp ok plang kali. If i wasn’t working i’d probably be riding on the same wave.

just a few days ago i was asked to participate in a youth survey.

some of the questions were very confronting and since it was anonymous the coordinators urged us to be honest. so this is what i wrote when asked to list the top 3 occupations we would “actually prefer”.

well…. actuallynya:
1. Business owner
2. Content Creator
3. Housewife

translated into layman terms:
Business owner= kadai instagram jual kain tapi private.
Content Creator = Full time instagrammer.
Housewife = buka instagram baby (kucing).

*side note: baik plang ku taruh sana “main tiktok”

i love my cat. if i had all the time in the world i would be a no 3 in a heart beat. haha. he recently had a lion cut. so cutesies in the world. he looks like he’s in a birthday suit 24/7.

i love cutting my hair short too. this is what ive just discovered very liberating. mcm ive got 99 problems and my hair aint one. not anymore. kalau gunting bida pun nda apa. i know this is pretty rich coming from a girl who gets her haircut overseas..tapi banar i am at peace w the fact that IT WILL FUCKING GROW. short hair means that you can shampoo every day and take 5 minutes of ur time saja to dry it. it’s so easy.

banyak lagi kan diingaukan. mun ganya rambut.

so yeah 99 problems. and my hair aint one.

but you know what my problem is? basic malay ladies in their tudong and ferragamo jelly flats with a chanel woc worn cross bodied. these trolls walk down hallways thinking their all that. cant stand the sight of them. and they seem to be everywhere. more on this next time.

anyway kissing 2018 goodbye. it has been a very challenging year. new job. adjusting back to the old life. i can only wish for a better 2019.

ok love u bye.

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