how do you work out?

*flips tyre*

I have noticed a surge of personal workout vids on my very Bruneian instagram lately (i have two accounts, one with alot of follower, mostly Bruneians the other is a more controlled account). and I’ve been seeing a hell lot of tyre flipping. if they’re not flipping tyres, they’re doing box jumps in hotel rooms replacing boxes with basicly they’re just jumping on their hotel beds lah. like who the fuck does this? if i had an air bnb and i found out that my guests were doing jump drills on my bed..i would be very dissapointed. wouldn’t you? anyway common courtesy isn’t really the issue here. I’m just sick of scrolling through a feed of tyre flips, box jumps , kettle ball swings, mountain climbs and what have you! sometimes i wonder if i should get my instagram account checked for doping.

if you are not a professional coach or promoting your own gym..i’m sorry. but you’re at the risk of looking like a paloi idiot. banar pulang, i dont deny that it’s good for self motivation .. but we wont be having this conversation if you posted a video of you planking for 10 days straight. but u know that aint going to happen esp when instagram limits video uploads to ONE MINUTE. ani mun ganya planking sikit2, mengangkat sikit sikit.. baik ku mengupload video ku begaru. kira sama lah istilahnya cematu……. trivial.

fine. i was at one point of my life guilty of advertising my daily runs on instagram…to be clear, NEVER actual videos of me running though… but i have also stopped doing this because i realised that if i thought org lain looked obnoxious doing it… it’s probably the same when i do it!

*flips tyre*

ok lah aku bagi diskaun..mun seminggu sekali aku meliat kau planking mcm buaya di sungai aku bagi chan lah ah…tp mun hari hari…kau kan TRX FGX MXX O XX LXX F XX XXX arah feed ku….sorry. i cant guys. i mean if its a lompat jauh kah… balance beams kah..floor excercise yang pakai ribin ribin atu lah ok lagi, syok lagi ku melayan …KU SCREEN SHOT LAGI TU KAU MAIN RIBIN RIBINI AH …KU VIRAL KAN……..ani doi mun ganya inggan lumpat lumpat atas katil… flip flip tayar……u must be out of ur flippin mind.

*flips tyre*

so i know at this point some of you are probably going.. block plang jangan plang di liat..

well.. its hard because you can’t pick and choose what u want to to see on ur feed and i dont understand whyyyyyy these people insists on posting up a video when you can use the story option instead. that way, it’s easy to fucking MUTE you….to death.

so guys…i beg of you…

bring back the baby photos…………………………………………………………………………….not.

*flips finger*

this is why i have two fucking instagram accounts.


btw. dimana drg membali tayar basar2 atu ah? im just thinking about the countless number of 3 wheeled monster trucks driving around brunei at the moment…


sigh. why do we always have to conform? just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean that you have to.

kiss me.

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