Muhasabah diri.

I cannot find my flats. My 10 euro H&M flats. I couldn’t have left it at yoga because 1. i havent been going 😛 2. if i did, ill probably remember walking to my care barefooted…cobbled stones are sakit. i don’t know where they are, at the same i’m also questioning why is it that i never buy more than a pair? i mean…. at 10 euros, it’s affordable enough. and depending on how sweaty your feet are, they COULD last a very long time.. huhu. i guess it all boils down to priorities…. i tend to turn a blind eye on them.

i guess that’s what you get for being impulsive. not exactly the kind that would go bungee jumping in the spur of the moment, but the type that would reach for a $XXXX bag instead of the pack of spendet at $XX. *face palm* i’m also known to yolo a 3 piece box from Hector (Belgium’s answer to KFC) when i’m on a freaking diet. i need to change. At 31, i need to be more in control of myself. So here’s the plan….

– go on and get at least 3 pairs of black flats.
– buy new spendet
– try not to pass a Hector on the way to /work/home…./hector
– no (binge)eating after 7. lolz
– sembahyang 5 kali sehari.
– it’s time to start spending wisely…..start a budget.
– be kinder to myself.
– bitch about people less
– gotta start taking care of myself better: eating well. get enough sleep. routine pedicure manicure, cabut bulu kirai bulu misai dan sebagainya.
– be grateful every day.

sounds easy enough.

i’ll let you know how i go.

kiss me.

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