Why i’m still a blogger.

i love blogging. it’s a platform for ME. it’s a place where i can safely talk about me me me me me without being interrupted and judged because those who read here respect that it’s my personal space to talk about whatever the fuck i want.

You see, the topic of ‘me’ does not translate really well in real life. People don’t like it when you talk about yourself too much. Even if you’re not talking about yourself, sometimes people intentionally or unintentionally tend to dismiss you.

But here im referencing PEOPLE. It’s kinda ‘ok not ok’ for PEOPLE to dismiss you for talking too much but it’s a whole different story when it comes to FRIENDS.

I do have friends who are genuinely interested to know how i’ve been and what i’ve been up to..and in return i would invest the same amount of time on them. however, lets just say some are better at this than others.

Have you been in situations where you’re caught up in telling a story and you catch the person you’re talking to staring off into space mikirkan isi pocket Doraemon – disinterested? ESPECIALLY after hearing them talk about themselves for a good HOUR?

this is beyond pet peeve ok guys.

You dont get to dismiss somebody even if you find the topic that they’re talking about is boring or irrelevant to your life, cause truthfully they might be thinking the same about you and the shit that you’ve just served on their plate.

But hey i dont know about you but i’m not clocking time or throwing shade cause at the end of the day we are FRIENDS and FRIENDS LET EACH OTHER TALK, BITCH, RANT whatever you want to call it…and if you call yourself a friend, you have the duty to listen and react accordingly..don’t just leave them hanging..be polite and PRETEND to be interested. pretending isn’t being fake. pretending in this context is POLITE..and it could very well SAVE a friendship.

But i understand that some people don’t necessarily share the same courtesy or manners..i dont know, maybe some just have terrible ADD. but to those who are reading this..perhaps try to be a little bit more kinder? be a bit more conscious of your actions towards others.

Good friends at this age aren’t easy to find..and you’re not perfect. Appreciate those who cared enough to stay in your life*.

*this is also a self reminder.

Doraemon kimsalam.

My dear Lisa, you are one of the best listeners in my life and i’m glad our paths crossed. Happy 32nd birthday chook. I couldn’t ask for a better bestie. Love you.

(she doesn’t read here, she doesn’t need to, cause she listens)


One thought on “Why i’m still a blogger.

  1. Wahh I truly get what you’re saying. That’s inexcusable.. Selfish ranters. Such bullies. Don’t need them. Don’t want them. They think the world revolves around them. They’re just a bunch of miserable ppl n hence they want to make others miserable too. It’s easy to say that we’re going to ignore that gnawing feeling of annoyance over their lack of respect but it will hit you again at your most vulnerable day/time/minute/second. Maybe it helps to mantra off “this too shall pass” because nothing last forever. (not even diamonds keke). Life goes go on yea, syaz, as you’ve said, appreciate those who care to stay in our life. That’s good advice. I’ll bear that in mind.

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