Summary of activities since i last posted

– ran on treadmill for two weeks
– lost a kilo
-attempted making pumpkin cupcakes. failed on the cream cheese icing (as expected).
– currently obsessed with Justin Beiber
– this song on repeat: ‘what do you mean – Justin Bieber’
– only ran once this week cos of work commitments; will try to drag ass back to gym tomorrow.
– cravings for Tim Tam satisfied with Penguins.
-gained back a kilo
-waiting to try Pilates
– i need nasi lemak and fried chicken in my life.
– throwing a farewell for a friend who will be finishing up her tenure here, it’s going to be a dinner of nasi lemak and fried chicken. next saturday. i cannot wait.
-currently watching Coffee Prince on Netflix
– just a thought: running on treadmill nothing like running outside, this is the longest that ive gone without running outdoors and it’s making me miserable.
– another thought: need to persevere. the treadmill is all i have.
– planning a trip to Melbourne at the end of the year.
– turning off facebook and switching whatsapp numbers so nobody can find me.
– being away just reminded me that not everybody is sincere. you leave home for a new country, suddenly you get msgs from ppl on fb who never bothered saying hi, asking if they could stay with your for a week and use your tax free benefits.
-reminded me of my student days sans diplomatic discount.
– definitely deactivating facebook and changing whatsapp numbers.

so there’s your update.

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