PMS rant.

banyak banyak jerawat..jerawat apa yang paling sakit?

jerawat ku.

im breaking out like a bad thief. and it doesn’t help that i’m craving for a vanilla soft serve topped with hot fudge and salted peanuts. i should just go an order me up a face topped with lots and lots of hot jerawat.


ive ditched my 3 year old facialist for a new one because she wasn’t appreciative of a 3-year returning customer like me!!! menyasal kamu kan? i think i have previously spent at least a minimum of $300 per month.. dont ask me why i never buy facials by the package.. come to think of it im glad i didn’t pun.. at least i’m free to go wherever i want without having to think about the remaining pax of facials i have at Beautician A. Why i stopped going? well. i realized they were taking me for granted :( leaving me out of their promotions and only calling me to set up for an appointment during the non-promotion months.

November 2012, they informed me that they were having a xmas promotion.. when i tried reserving a slot, they turned me down cause they were full. so. ok. what is a loyal customer like me to do kan? i returned again and had a full price facial… when they again informed me that they will be taking part at the consumer fair.. and all of their facials would be at 50% off.

Beautician A: ya we having promotion, u come see us la.. u see this vitamin c..from 175.. half price only. dis..80 only..dis 50 only *whilst pointing at every facial on the menu*
me: really? so i can buy as many as i like?
Beautician A: err..uh..err..but expire April u know..
me: yeah..its ok…im prolly gonna use up everything by april. i always come what.
Beautician A: er…uhhh….maybe can only buy 1? i check again ok? btw, we also have promotion for chinese new year.

and that’s WHY I STOPPED GOING..and BTW, they never approached me to asked me if i wanted an appointment during CNY.

it has been 3 months..a week ago i received a text from Beautician A asking me when im going to come in cause obviously it HAS been a while..

i told her nicely that i was sorry, and im trying out a new place and will let her know if i want to make an appointment.

the power of customer service. never take customers for granted.

anyway, yes. ive got to call in for a facial at Beautician B soon.

kiss me.

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