kana brainwash rupanya.

my eyebrows are small. moral of the story:- never trust a filo hairdresser with praying mantis thin eyebrows to do yours. aku sasak ni selalu ku kana.

exsp when you’re at the salon and they’re like a PACK of filipino hairdressers with ‘barely there’ eyebrows. So you commission ONE to do your eyebrows THE MOMENT you utter a shriek of resentment with what the BITCH has done..you find yourself surrounded by 5 MORE thin-eyebrowed-hairdressers.. in which one would quickly come to the rescue and say ‘mana ada. lawa ja’. the other one ‘no lah! nice!’ the third one ‘ya apa kan. mna ada bida!’ , the fourth ‘eh magandaaaaaa jua!’ the fifth ‘uRRe fes lk differeynt now. verry pretty ba!’

..and you’re like. ok maybe its not that bad. mcm at that point,you’ve been brainwashed to think that this SETAN *points at eyebrows* look is actually.. LAWA.

skali sudah balik, when you’re around people with normal eyebrows you’re like…



and then slowly, you come to the realisation that.. you’re one of them..thin eyebrowed bitches and then the



nangis ku. i feel like staying in bed today 🙁 i tried filling them in with eyebrow pencil but it just makes it look worse. kalau ku pakai badak ni..SAH mcm bini2 dapan gambar badak cina atu?

yang cani!!! hahaha


One thought on “kana brainwash rupanya.

  1. wow ada masih badak amoi ani exist di dunia ani kah? … i am impress! atu baru ia panjang umurnya. gambar c-amoi atu pun inda kan pandai berubah-rubah.

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