day 2 of quantico

more bitching about priyanka chopra. more loud hammering and drilling. more stress. i called up front desk again to complain and agreed to move rooms on the condition that:

1. they waive the fee of my stay for last 3 nights and;
2. i report my experience to the authorities.

there was a pause followed by a long sigh of “OhhhHHhhh….”

I told them, im ok with the faint drilling and hammering. ive been putting up with it the whole day and yesterday. but the noise got louder in the afternoon. i said to frontdesk that if they were able to reason with the workers yesterday, y cnt they work their magic again today. bertolak ansur tah tani please. thank you.

moments later front desk called again to inform that they will stop their renovation works for now and will continue at 4pm.. for 45minutes and that will be it for the rest of the week. i said ok. it’s close to 5pm now and i havent heard any heavy drilling from the next room.. lets hope everything is over and done with.

am i the drama? i dont think im the drama. am i the villian? i don think im the villian. lol.


things r ok….. for now.

My pcr test is on the 21st..hopefully it will be a next-day release.