Quarantine bukan Quantico.

I’ve been very toxic in quarantine. seorang orang pun buleh toxic. lol. Been binging on youtube videos of Priyanka Chopra and making over the top cringing faces everytime she speaks. I also go “inda jua berapa!” everytime she tries to sound intelligent. lol. this on repeat 100x.

100x x 7 hari.. i’ll come out of here highly toxic and severely irritating. lol. whoever’s greeting me when i come out, sediakan saja PPE ..and maybe a taser. lol.

ok so that’s half of the time. the rest of the time i spend productively scrolling through funny cat videos and reposting it on my stories…..this and calling front desk to tell off whoever that is at the receiving end.

story time.

My previous room didn’t have hot water. having travelled for over 24hrs the only thing that you look forward to is a hot shower and rest. unfortunately for me this came as “delayed gratification”, that i didnt even want. lol. maintenance weren’t able to resolve it so they moved me to another room. this time, everything worked but the fridge. which was another problem cause my partner had sent me home with macarons to give as gifts.. which needed refrigeration. i also needed it to store fresh milk for my coffee in the mornings. so i needed the fridge. luckily the maintenance guy, Abdul Wahid (a very hard worker) was able to swap it with a working fridge from an unoccupied room next door. Side note: i wouldve tipped him but i didn’t have any on me. Self reminder: Dont forget to get someone to bring you cash to tip Abdul Wahid on your way out*

so anyway. after a very long day i managed to catch up with sleep.. only to be woken up by loud drilling and hammering. it sounded like it literally came from next door..mcm ada urang membuat rumah kayu 3 tingkat bah sebalah ani. so i called up front desk, almost screaming. they offered to move me again. that’s when i decided to draw the line. i told them angrily that i cannot move again..cos this should be a quarantine. they’ve already moved me once already kan gila jua tu. i could be infectious (not that i am, inshallah, but just saying that i could be) they relented and told me they’ll have a word with the people doing the construction.

the noise is not 100% gone pulang ada lah i can hear some faint drilling here and there but i guess it was better than what i woke up to this morning. I did call front desk balik and apologised for raising my voice……no i didnt. i upped my im-sorry-game and apologised for being a BITCH. the lady just laughed and was understanding. i just told them that i’m just really really really exhausted.

I’m not sure when my quarantine ends. hopefully ill only stay for max 7 days. I have not called front desk to ask them when im due for a pcr test. haha isuk tah telipun….. rehatkan tia dulu kali..inda kan melayan aku saja. lol. im sure they have other shit to sort out.

that was day 1 of quarantine.

i shudve gone with Radisson.. things went very smoothly when i was quarantined there after a work trip. but i can’t afford that shit. lol. at least this hotel is clean and spacious. i just need to remind myself to lower my expectations.

ok bye.