i have a secret affair.

with YouTube.

Ever since we upgraded to fiber, my life has been nothing but a whirl wind of youtube videos. I’d watch everything from vlogs to.. indonesian comedy shows like opera van java.. dangdut mash ups.. cooking programmes to the likes of Heston…sometimes Gordon..sometime Julia Child..most times Anthony Bourdain.. gag reels of my favourite movies.. documentaries on egyptian mummies , the discovery of Islam.. and the Highland Tower tragedy of 1993 oh..and mary kate and ashley movies from way back when..tee-hee.


depending on how u use it it can be a very informative tool. i now know that i won’t be getting the Google Glass anytime soon.. and those Chanel 30min movies directed by Karl Lagerfeld were all cringe worthy.. and the the Goyang Cesar dangdut moves were created by Cesar himself..hence Goyang Cesar.

see how much im learning? mcm i just log in to you tube and i let my mind wander.. where i stop nobody knows.

i’m currently just a click away to finding out whether this Sushi place in NYC that i plan to go to next week would be worth the trip. Apparently sushi served at Yasuda’s even better than the sushi you would find in JAPAN. h

among the things that i’ll definitely be doing on my trip to new york.. is CHICAGO on broadway! omg. i have been waiting all my life to catch it on broadway. if im lucky i might just be able to get seats for Annie too.

i cannot wait i cannot wait.

ok sorry m just rambling. my cuti officially starts in 3 days.

kiss me.

fuck you.

Do you know what is more offensive than the middle finger? being seated next to a guy with terrible manners in a plane.

it was bad enough that i was given a middle seat. what made it worse was the fact that this guy next to me kept on blowing his nose in to his his BARE HANDS. Just when you thought it kudnt get any worse.. the unthinkable happened.. when the stewardess approached our row to offer us hot towels…Mr. Mucus next to me POLITELY DECLINED.. with a look that said ‘y wud i need hot towels, no siree, my hands are HOT enough, thank you’.

I was left squirming in my seat for the next 3 hours ..RELAXING (NOT!) to an EARFUL of NOSE BLOWING as i endure a 3hr flight next to a HANDFUL of mucus.

Somewhere over South China Sea the situation escalated to another level of OFFENSIVE when he started picking his nose and followed by snot wiping on the small screen infront of him. yet again, when the air crew passed by with nuts and serviettes, he happily took the pack of nuts and dismissed the latter with a look to me that said ‘pfft. serviettes!’.

bagi GIGITAN kan????? palui ko babi si ken mati sibayi ani. I was so angry to the point of entah ah.. to the point of WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON????!?!!?!?!? I couldn’t believe my DUMB LUCK. Unfortunately, ive struck plenty of these during the year, but this was the “absolute dumb bull shit luck go to hell” ever.

i really don’t get people with no manners, though, this isn’t the first time plang that been confronted with atrocious manners..but this was definitely the benchmark. i don’t think it could get anymore barigali then this. these people should not be allowed on planes.

they should have some sort of special equipment to help detect bad manners in passengers upon boarding a flight. they should make those with bad manners sit in the cargo or IN propellers and have them pick each other’s nose and play with each other’s snot and blow mucus in to each other’s hands. fuck you.

thank god it was a short flight.

and u know what that whole time i was thinking… I PITY THE GIRL THAT GOT/WOULD BE MARRIED TO THIS FUCKER. why? because albeit his disgusting habits, he was actually dressed pretty smart. he looked like he was, like me, on an official mission. woo. so girls dont be fooled. before you marry the guy, i recommend you put them on the plane and have someone spy on them. just to make sure you’re not getting your hands deep in mucus 😉

valuable lesson learnt: next time, check-in ONLINE.

kiss me.


Watching nonsense on tv. Currently somewhere near Jakarta.Been here four days and i can’t wait to aBANDUNG ship. i miss home. i miss my cat. i miss my bed. i miss my blue bruneian sky , clean air and quiet roads.

things you take for granted.

anyway. back to what i’m watching.

ntah pokoknya ive been watching nonsense since waking up from my anti-histamine slumber. All the local channels are airing shows recorded in front of live audiences.. and all of them seem to bear the same nonsense concept;

1. live bands playing loud dangdut music
2. random stage acts.. and;
3. loud screeching laughter from at least ONE female presenter and ONE person from the audience.

and from channel to channel, i notice that all of the audiences seem to be having a good time. must be the dangdut. dangdut is truly the music of this country. and i love it. there’s just something about it that can make even the truest tired of them all move with the music.

haha. this is sometimes 10x better than watching the shit on bbc or cnn. sometimes ignorance is bliss. you just need to give your mind a break.

in any case.. lookie at what i found.

an inspiring story of a pengamen boy. yang dulunya ia di buang, sekarang ia di sayang.


kiss me.

brownies (pu)lang!!!!

I just woke up from my nap. I’m currently blogging from rural Japan stuffing my mouth with chips whilst the apples that i bought from the supermarket earlier, looks on – in anger. *peduli apa kau apple. nah aku makan lagi chip banyak banyak mcm samseng kampung dusun*


i love how malay phrases these days gets shorten in to one word. exsp for phrases that expresses dissatisfaction.I remember it starting with with “Saklikoeh” meaning to say “Sasak Kali kau eh” (You must be very dissapointed/frustrated) and “Maskuah”/”masmeah” which is one word for “Malas ku ah”/”malas me ah” (I’m lazy).

Whilst most of the time it would actually consist of putting together the last syllables of the words, other times its just joining the words together to make it sound like a word. Following this, this dictionary of Poklang (poklen language) has expanded to include: “sikenmati!” “sibayiah!”. exclamanation marks included and i find this quite convenient. especially when you are in contact with an asshole of all sorts.

so i was at a major event at work the other day when i bumped in to this lady who also sells Brownies. So i stopped to say hi and asked how she was.. and this is how it went down:-

Me: hi hi how r u?
Lady: hi im well. what do you have there in your bag? do you have brownies in there?
me: haha ..no (totally forgetting that she was in the business too)
Lady: well i did!! tapi now habis sudah, semua orang ku bagi makan tadi brownies ku..even this head of something of a department.. semuuuaaa ku bagi makan… anyway i got to go now..byee..
me: (taken aback) oh ok..see ya.

well that came out of nowhere didnt it? haha. all that while i was like eh nice seeing you too? i guess? if i had a chance to start the conversation over..i wouldve gone

me: Hi Maci, pabarnya?
Lady: Hi i’m well what do you have there in your bag? do you have brownies in there?
me: maskuah! kaja jua ku ni maci! aplang brownies!
Lady: well i did! tapi now habis sudah. semua orang ku bagi makan tadi brownies ku..even this head of something of a department..semuuuaaa ku bagi makan …well anyway i got to go now..byeee..
me: dulipaku! labih jua eh..sikenmati sibayianiiiih!!!!


cali bah orang orang ani kadang kadang. that was an example of SHIT being thrown at me UNEXPECTEDLY. hahahaha bagi tia makan org org ah brownies mu alum jua ku rugi kali. I’m currently too busy trying to build a career out of substance… but i hope to come back to it again one day.. and i’m going to make sure I RULE YOUR TURF. jantah head department mu. kau ku ikat ku bagi makan brownies!

kekekeke.. but for now its,

“Lets get to work bitch!”

early meeting tomorrow. yes on a sunday. gonna go back to bed…


*sucks in tummy*

i have to lose 2inches off my waistline by Friday. I have a wedding to go to and i have a baju kurong to fit into.

*sucks in tummy*

how can i make a public appearance with this stomach? *sucks in tummy* if only there was a special iron that could magically flatten the stomach. i wouldn’t be having this problem. i also wouldn’t be having this problem had i exercise extreme discipline over pizza hut’s tuna delight. i can’t seem to get enough of that stuff. and the fact that they deliver makes it seem that the universe is conspiring against me in my bid to shed off my BMI.

i can’t believe it’s only tuesday. the week is moving so slow. too slow. *sucks in tummy*

i need a holiday.

and my holiday would consist of alot of reading… alot of running…alot of cooking…alot of baking… and alot of sleep.

im so tempted to make a pie chart out of the above sentence.

perhaps ill just stay in Brunei kali. initially planned on renting an apartment for two weeks in Melbourne. but now.. it doesn’t seem to make sense why i would want to spend all that money doing ‘nothing’ in another country.

i may just as well stay in the country. read in the country.r un in the country. cook in the country. bake in the country and sleep in the country.

i dono. ill just take it as it comes.

i guess.. whatever.. *sucks in tummy*


My cat is fast asleep on the edge of the bed. He doesn’t usually sleep on my bed cause his thick fur makes him panas that he usually ends up spending the night on the cool adjoining bathroom floor. I refuse to switch on the air conditioning just to please a cat (but i would do all sorts of other things).

So how did he ended up on the edge of my bed? hehe..it must’ve caused by the suitcases that i pulled out from the corner of my room to prep for my flight out tmrw. This usually tells Pepinot that he won’t be seeing his Kaka Siti for a while. He probably have sensed it much much much earlier cause he has been following me around the house all week.

After years of begging and pleading my mom for ONE.. we finally scored ourselves CATS. hehe. As it turned out, Molly sealed a deal with one of her friends to adopt a kampung+persian hybrid named Bane. Whilst i got myself a maine coon+persian that i named Pepinot, after a Garcon character from the french movie Les Choristes. Oui!

I’ve also since labeled Pepinot MY BEST BUY OF 2012.

This is because the cat AND the macbook air that i purchased last year were both PLEASANTLY LIFE CHANGING …i came to a realization that as life changing as the macbook air panned out to be, it does not 1) require frequent trips to the Vet and 2) doesn’t drink water out of a crystal glass whenever it sees the opportunity to. 3) demands the balcony door to be opened by knocking the door repeatedly with their FOREHEADS.

We have also started changing the cats’ food the moment we found out that MEOW MIX is the same as KFC to humans. Bane is a cold-hearted kampong cat so he’s abit stronger than my Pepinot who has been been getting ‘the runs’ from the sudden diet change.

He’s been pooping so much that i now call him “POOP-INOT BEST BUY OF 2012, BIGGEST SHIT STIRRER OF 2013”. dont get me wrong though, i still love him but it sucks having to wipe cat poop off the floor ESPECIALLY when you’re already late for work. It’s not like “Kucing ku Beria Beria” could be used as a credible excuse for tardiness kan?

This is probably a good time to commend Bane for having such a strong immune system. but im not going to go there. Bane’s also a little shit in his own right. he refuses to be carried. he doesn’t like to be carried. he hates being carried. i mean, what sort of a cat does that???????? he also doesn’t come to you when he’s being called , has the tendency to “dissapear” for a whole day..and will only send back the bottle cap when he’s bored to death.

If there’s anything that Bane loves, he loves playng with bottle caps. To the point that we’ve resorted to playing catch using them. The thing is, he only started sending the cap back to the thrower when Pepinot was admitted to the Vet. For a week, we threw bottle caps around the house to keep Bane entertained. each time we threw it at him, he’d come back with the bottle cap tightly secured in between his teeth. but it was GAME OVER the moment Pepinot came home, he stopped sending the bottle caps back and would only stare at it like it was some cheap caviar.


i didn’t know i could write a whole post on cats.

……i think i shud go to sleep now. cause i know the only one who would appreciate this story would be Lisa. kekekeke.

kiss me.

late late late entry

Someone told me that I’m really funny when I’m angry. Well, get ready to laugh your way in to stitches cause it’s that time of the month when there’s plenty to be angry about.

Anyway, I’m on yet another fad diet. this time it’s “ intermitent fasting “ which has been made famous by WOLVERINE. I dono why they didn’t just call it “WOLVEO” . Anyway, like the name, it involves fasting just like you do during Ramadhan but NOT during the month of Ramadhan. it’s WOLVADHAN!! wooot. ok. no but in all seriousness the diet takes you in to 16hrs of no makan and allows you an 8hour window of yes makan. but it doesn’t involve any kind of makan. what you put in your mouth has to be clean. macam sabun. dettol. However, unlike Puasa, you are allowed to have anything under 35 calories during the fast and as much water as you want. This fad diet argues that eating 6 times a day consumes most of your body’s energy (please don’t quote me, I didn’t read the wiki page properly) and if we were to look back at our ancestors in the stone age, they apparently performed well without eating 6 small meals times a day…but one (like me) might argue.. that none of my ancestors looked like WOLVERINE. Which is why, I am now off the diet plan. this was made official 2 minutes ago and also the fact that it’s all in the WRONG TIMING for me to start fasting again. gila jua tu. semua orang bersuka ria, menyambut kemenangan islam and here I am, “fasting” . baik pulang ku puasa six. you know how hard it is kah to fast in the morning when the office decides to have a mini raya gathering and I was the one who happily volunteered to buy roti from the best roti kosong place in this universe called “Iskandar Curry house?”.

kan. only GOD knows how difficult it was.

so anyway. just like that, my motivation of looking like Wolverine died with my plan of losing at least 5kgs a week. oh who cares. 5kgs was abit drastic anyway. but not impossible. *voices in head please shut up*

so anyway, when intermittent fasting didn’t work. I started putting on my running shoes again and ran as FAST as I could around my usual Stadium – Kewangan route. when I say FAST I mean.. NOT FAST.. more like 9minutes per KM (not) fast. ok. I’ll admit it , I WAS FUCKING SHIT. it didn’t help that I was dragging my heart my body my soul up the MOF hill and once I got to the top, this fucker I knew , who was running the opposite way greeted me with a “Hi Syaz, mikin CHUBBY jua.”

I JUST RAN UP A HILL U MOTHER FUCKER. ALL I WANT TO DO NOW IS EITHER 1) PUKE or 2) SLAP SOMEONE. He’d be an appropriate prop for scenario no 2. But instead, I maintained my cool and smiled.

Obviously I didn’t just HEAR about me gaining weight, I SAW myself gaining weight in the MIRROR (that I suggest YOU borrow) that’s why I was running in the first place. banar. at least give me some credit for doing something about it. tapi yang ku sasak lagi, laki2 yang menagur aku ani… mukanya.. inda jua hensem. badannya inda jua mcm Wolverine. Kalau tah muanya pun mcm Wolverine..tapinya yang ku tau WOLVERINE MANA ADA NENEN. ada kah? WOLVENENEN. hmmph dasar lelaki inda tau malu. baik tah membali baju dalam anu tagap. au menyasal kau krg sudah tua wang.


bah. ok eh. atu plang saja kan ku marahkan.

pokoknya I have weight to lose. and this is so fucking frustrating. I need to get back to my weight when I was still in Yeosu. 7 kgs lighter.

I need to lose 7kgs.



I thought i had a list of substantial things to blog about, turns out it was mostly work related stuff that i have since churned out in to reports. hahahaha. How can?

This hotel i’m currently staying in serves up a good cup of latte. It is also in good timing that Ms Flow decided to come to town. By town, i mean Manila and by good timing, because it’s puasa .. which means i get to have guilt-free coffee for the whole duration of the meetings. i need my coffee and someone up there is at least being sympathetic about it :)

in any case. i have not been home since the start of puasa, and im terribly homesick. 3 more days. i cannot wait. I’ve also committed myself to @sasbrownies. i hope to be churning out brownies in the last few weeks of puasa.

i cannot wait.

Selamat berpuasa guys dan Selamat bersungkai.

run. haze.

The Indonesian haze ..packed me a couple of pounds. I wish it had been British pounds cause then i’d be able to afford me shoes because shoes are the only thing that would FEET me right now.

kekekeke. i so fanny.

anyway. the haze has subsided but work has not. lets just say i will not be seeing the light of day for a while. i’d run in the evenings, but my running partner’s taking a break from running for a while.

sigh. story of my life.



It’s midweek. midyear and i’m finding myself getting poor for time. is this what it’s like to grow up? everything just becomes a blur after a while. It’s still exciting..but short lived.

I haven’t ran in two weeks. Hence, i’ve put myself on yet another strict diet. So strict that i may as well be on a drip. But thankfully (or regretfully) , i’m not very disciplined. A strict diet is only a strict diet when it’s strictly enforced.Those who are really close to me know that even I can’t tell myself what to do.

But i’ve been good today. I’ve only had toast and a bar of chocolate …and that is all going to end once i dial 2226-111. It doesn’t help that the tv in my room is always turned on to either the Food Channel or TLC. I’m so hungry that i could just eat my tv right now.

Anyway here’s the plan. I realised that i missed blogging. I’m also a little bit peeved at the fact that i have not been baking or cooking as much as i would like to in the last year. Hence (at the risk of sounding cliched and annoying) i’ve turned to Julie & Julia and the countless number of food blogs i have bookmarked on my Flipboard for inspiration and have decided that i will start BLOGGING about my COOKING and BAKING and also the sorts of funny things i come across in my daily life again! I avoided using ‘daily’ because daily at this point is pretty ambitious…..

Although. Like Julie and Julia (don’t worry, i just cringed myself) I am first, going to have to pick out a cookbook. No!! i mean YES!!! this is a gimmick to get birthday presents but i will also keep my promise to blog more. It’s probably the only thing that could keep me blogging. At least it would give me the motivation to blog about something that isn’t work related.

On my options, i’m sort of leaning towards Lauduree.. including their savouries. Pierre Herme would be my second option. Im in the midst of searching for ‘101 Batu Recipes’ for those days when i’m feeling lazy.

ok. there’s not much else i could do now..except for wait.

i guess you are going to have to wait too.

kiss me.