Ustazah comel

Kenapa nama rancangannya, Imam Muda? kenapa inda Imam BUJANG? . The question is a rhetoric by the way. But if i was to answer my own question (because i’m capable like that haha) my reply would be that if it was titled Imam Bujang, it’d be a reality tv show on star tv. macam The Bachelor. huhu. with a huge ustazah BUJANG following. Sekali, kenapa ia ustazah pilihan? kenapa inda ustazah COMEL? hahaha.

its tuesday. and this is my early morning attempt at being funny.

i will excuse myself quietly now….

Foster to the People – Call it what you want

I’ve been in bed past two days. I was fine until the doctor decided to yank my stitches open. Now, I find myself back to where i was a week ago, bed ridden , traumatized and (just a little bit) in pain. It doesn’t help that im back to work tomorrow. I’m hoping for the cut to dry up within the next 24hrs. Pleaseeeeeee god. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.

I just made myself a cup of Nescwoffee to ease my drowsiness from last night’s allergy meds. I don’t know if it’s the weather but my skin, especially around my eye area has been very very itchy lately and my Sinus has also been acting up. Both my eyes and my nose are still red from lastnight’s scratching and rubbing. According to Path, i slept for a good 9hrs before waking up for more TV.

Life is really good with LG. if only i had an LG. The same applies to a Samsung, i guess and fast (if only!) internet connection. If i’m not watching TV on the TV im watching TV on the internet. In the last few days ive gone through all of the episodes of Brides of Beverly Hills , the 2nd Series of Kim and Kourtney Takes New York and friends on twitter have got me started on The Good Wife and Suits. Maybe that’s why my eyes were itchy. They were dry from all the tv that i’ve been watching. If i hadn’t been drowsy last night from the allergy meds i wouldve started on Season two of The Braxton’s reality show.

DID U KNOW THAT THE BRAXTONS HAD A REALITY SHOW?? 2nd Series kali sudah ah. buleh!

One of the other few things i love to DO on the internet is Amazon. There’s nothing that i love more than spending hours searching for THE next COOKBOOK OF MY DREAMS ..getting lost in reviews after reviews after reviews of books by Michele Roux, Pierre Herme , Falkner, Martha Stewart and the Chefs of Nobu. Today it was Amazon and also Ebay for sold out Chanel bags.

its 3:38pm. It’s time to shower and more tv.

kiss me.

inda SWAG eh.

Definition of Swag:-

According to Urban Dictionary it means:

apperance ,style ,or the way he or she presents them selves – “He got a killa swag.”

Proper use of the word in Malay

YOU DONT SAY:- ‘inda swagger kau anih’.

YOU SAY: – ‘inda SWAG kau anih!’ .

another example could be (according to Rahim) “Rahim has the sayang abang alai Swag!”

ok. done. sehari sepatah swag. sehari sepatah swagger? ani ok jua bunyinya….sehari sepatah swagger? antah eh this is just proof that i am getting old.

————————— on to world news….swagga!!!———————–

Funny how time passes by slowly when you’re not chasing it. I was looking at the time and it’s only 11pm. pikir SUBUH sudah. rupanya malam masih kelapa muda. night is still young coconut. hahaha. i just laughed at the little joke i just made 😛

It’s an Agnes Monica kinda night.

I’ve been hearing this song alot on the radio lately. I knew it was Agnes Monica but i wasn’t able to track down the title of the song until a friend posted an iphone image of her video clip on Instagram. Gila jiwang hantap lagunya ani (which is very INDA SWAG btw) . This number..takes me back to the old Krisdayanti , Asti Asmodiwati, Reza, Ruth Sahanaya jiwang (also inda swag) days.

ANYWAY as i was searching for a collection of MY K/INDA ( SWAG ) BALLADS on Youtube . I came across this boy, who could easily become the next Adera of YOUTUBE ENDONEZIA.

i dont know how old he is but he can’t be anymore than 20!!! Vocal wise, he could sound a little bit more HANDSOME lah…but i’m just amazed at how this boy is making covers of songs that were playing during my time.

check out this one too… Tharwana if you’re reading this.. he’s worth a listen.

WHAT 20 Y.O MAKES COVERS OF REZA and make them sound THIS good??????????

baru ya SWAG!!!!

he got swagggggggg/swagga/swagger/swagging dll.

ok. will be falling asleep to his youtube channel tonight.

swag ka? inda swag ka? swag swag swag swaggy waggy boo.

kisswag me.


I’m loving the fact that i’m “sleepless in Serusopia” on a School night. The clock just turned Monday and i’m up and about, happily trying to find things to do that would eventually make me go to sleep.

On a normal night i’d be tossing and turning in bed right now contemplating sleeping pills for half an hour and when i finally decide to take up on the offer of artificial sleep, the time on the iphone would then say :- ‘siti, it is now too late.’ I didn’t want to turn up to work, sleep walking. So,the tossing and turning continues until i hear the azan for Subuh prayers from the nearby mosque. :(

but since i am on leave..i have absolutely nothing to worry about!!! NOTHING. I have brownie delivery at 10pm but other than that nothing. oh and lunch with DMC. but other than that NOTHING. and i’m absolutely in loveeee with doing nothing. This cuti is the best one yet. fine, i had to go through all that medical hoo-haa not to mention the FR exams i sat for earlier last week.. but it’s just nice to wake up to nothing.

and this post is turning out to be a whole lot of nothing pun.

i loves it.

i havent been excercising pun cause i’m still waiting for a PART of me to heal. usually, i’d be depressed at the fact that i’m not working out ..but for some reason.. this time, i’m actually happy NOT to be working out. fine, i have realised that my body is slowly transforming back to it’s natural jelly form, but u know what? i dont really care.Maybe i’m finally coming to the realisation that I HAVE LOST WEIGHT (all 20kgs of it!!!! ) . According to (Satan) BMI, i am still a little bit overweight – by 3kgs to be precise (like BMI) but whatevs, i’m slowly starting to love my body the way it is.

Honestly, all that running and gymming was starting to have a ball and chain effect on me. I mean, I can always start again kan? there’s always tomorrow? so what if i die tomorrow, tummy jiggling and all…at least i’d die happy? inda ja?

i’m going to take this opportunity or what’s left of it to fully rest and enjoy doing NOTHING for a while.

so..pass me those milk chocolate cornflakes.

maybe that would help me sleep tonight.



have a good week everybody.

kiss me.

hello. my name is chocolate konplek, what is u nems?

im streaming criminal minds episodes one firefox tab after another while stuffing my face with chocolate coated cornflakes..ONLY one after another. this is turning out quite the holiday…better than Melbourne. This is what i’m going to do every chance i get for a holiday. stay home go for a medical procedure and watch tv and eat crap all holiday long. the next holiday, i will get my teeth done.


the internet’s cooperating well tonight. it’s so good i decided to blog twice.

maybe i should be giving credit to these chocolate cornflakes. they’re good too.

so good that they may as well be..uh.. chocolate cornflakes.

ok time for more criminal minds and chocolate cornflakes.

this is awezome.

Strawberry Yo-Grrrrrr.

Can anyone recommend good strawberry yoghurt brands other than Pauls? cause Pauls is a little bit too sour for my liking. im feeling slightly better today. a bit braver to move around. Hence why im tuning in to Law & Order on Fox.

I love Law and Order. It’s one of those drama series that doesn’t really require you to follow it from the very beginning of the season . You can just sit down and start from where u left off. It’s like meeting up for coffee with a good friend that you don’t see or talk very often but it always feels like you’ve never parted.

wahahah deep jua ku mengexplain atu ah? come on. it’s just law and order. haha

guess who’s not doing anything again today?


:) :) :)

Bed ridden.

I’ve been in bed since lunch time. I’ waiting for Aziz to come home with my box of Ferreros and kerupuk. Whatever he could find at the kadai india at this hour. So obviously it’s sounding as if i went for THAT medical procedure this morning. i did. and it’s causing major discomfort. Too scared/ngilu to reach for the remote, my TV has been tuned to TLC since i woke up from my nap this evening. I’m still traumatized by the whole thing.

I can’t believe i was ALIVE when they had whatever i had to get rid of removed. The doctor tried to save me with a numbing injection and a magazine on the well being of BABIES. it was one of those magazines that looked like the packaging of Drapolene creams. I should send her new reading materials kali doktor ku ani.

I came home and cried like a baby..i was crying my eyeballs out ok? not so much because it hurt but it was more out of frustration that i had to go through all that ngilu shit on just local anasthetic.


i wished i wasn’t as ngilu. sometimes i wished i was built like a kereta kebal and not cry over little things that but im not built of a kereta kebal. and now im wondering how i would fair out in a labor room. sigh. i dont tink i can have babies now.

i too scay to have them. UNLESS they find away to make unconscious the whole time im delivering?

eh i scay eh.

ok. this scared girl is going to go and dream of having buttermilk pancakes now.

kiss me.

Shu Qi. I want to look like Shu Qi.

its 10:30. ive only just started studying for my 8am exams tomorrow. I have TWO cups of double shot caramel machiattos keeping me company tonight and GOOGLE TRANSLATE on the other firefox tab. Hopefully rahim will be joining me on the other couch later. it has been ages since i sat for an exam especially one that i really WANT and REQUIRES ME to pass. I also have to pass because there’s no way in hell i’m walking down those gloomy MOF halls for a financial briefing again. NO WAY. EVER.

One cup down and a few Financial Regulations slides later.. i am official HYPER……..ventilating.

halamakz. how is this?

*buka Youtube* search: how to smokey eye shadow kim kardashian

balik2 jua sudah ku liat video mcmana kan memakai make up mcm kim kardashian ani.. alum jua pandai2 nya..kekadai membali barus make up pun ku balum. hehehe. i wished i knew how to wear make up. but honest to goodness, i don tink my skin needs it. I KNOW it doesnt. ive been told it doesn’t. but it’d be nice if i knew how to put on make up? especially for special occasions … kawin kah? anak org bday kah? bukan pulang ku kan jadi TUKANG makeup. just saying that it’d be nice looking like a 26 year old for once.

how do 26 year olds look like these days anyway?

*google 26 year old celebrities*

ok. ashley tisdale just came up.

err..that was a waste of time.

anyway. but make DOES do wonders. i was youtubing the other day and this ASIAN chick managed to made her face up to look like ANGELINA JOLIE. u dont believe?? take a look at this shit right here:-

i dont know how she does it. but apparently all she needs is a “KABUKI” brush and BAYM she anGeLina!!!!!!! balum lagi kamu liat ia jadi ADRIANNA LIMA.

crazy kan? i wonder if she could make me look like her…

oh. where was i.



8am tomorrow.

i am officially on LEAVE.

Will be spending my 10 days in Brunei. With absolutely nothing to do. And in my absolute nothingness i will……..attempt to bake brownies, sit for my FR exams for the 2nd time…and attempt to o’o.

i just came back from my working trip. and i haven’t gone for 6 days. this is nothing out of the norm really. it usually happens. last time this happened, i was sweating and screaming in my head for 10 hours ON THE TOILET.. while texting my director “But V……I’m in pain!” when he asked me to complete an overdue report.

I tot i had completely lost it. who knew constipation could be such a bitch? pair it with Teh Kampung it’s (motherfuckingsonofa) SATAN. I thought i was doing myself a favor, but never, ever, ever think Teh Kampung wud be able to save you if you have problems GOING. ok? trust me. this is one of my ’26 life lessons learned by age 26′. so anyway.

i tot i’d just stay in brunei the whole time im on leave..catch up with much needed sleep. i also have to make it a point to go for my medical checkup and teeth scaling and owh my gawd….there’s actually so much i have to catch up with.

not to mention this new tv episode im watching. 2 broke Girl$. loving it.

i also need to catch up with Gossip Girl.. Modern Family……

and my O’o.

i need to o’o. :S


i don’t know what it is but the same problems reoccur everytime i fly out. it’s either i come back not being able to go or i come back with shit skin or its both. the skin thing ive just discovered WHY it happens.. a few days ago when my friend Clare pointed out that it was probably the change in water. which is probably true. i was in New Delhi 2 months ago.. and while i was relieved that i did not get myself in to a shit storm, i came back to Brunei with skin allergy that lasted a whole week and my face even suffered from scarring…I should know better than to pick on EXTREMELY ITCHY bumps kan? (please note: EXTREMELY ITCHY?) I have also realised that the same itchy bumps on my face always appear when i’m in Singapore although not to the magnitude of New Delhi. Eeeeeevery time. every single time im in Singapore i would get these small little bumps on my cheeks, forehead and chest area..and it just hit me that it’s in the water. Clare correctly pointed it out that my skin was probably confused from travelling so much that it doesn’t know which water to get used to.

my skin is so bad that im contemplating giving the Vitamin C shots thing a go. has anyone tried it? ive seen some of my friends use it and they all have amazing skin. i personally wouldn’t take it if it was just to make my face brighter and whiter and smoother and oh so beautiful…but if it does help with extreme eczema, i wouldn’t mind giving it a go. yes. i have eczema. since i was 4. i have them mostly on my legs. sometimes i think it’s god’s way of telling me to cover up.

great. the world now knows that i dont only suffer from constipation but also from eczema.

in just ONE post.

yes. some do say i talk too much.

im gonna go now and..continue watching my 2 broke girls.

kiss me.

4 weeks.


Yes. I take back all that stuff i said in my last post. i take it all back. swallowing it whole like it was shewinggamz.

I managed to convince my boss to give me a ten day break from the office. it was more than i could bargain for. The ten days not only will give me ample time to study for my FR exams next week, i am also entitled to a MINI MEDICAL PROCEDURE. Working girls, take note.. this goes in to the things-u-tell-ur-boss-to-convince-him-that-you-need-to-take-leave-for-more-than-a-week-list.

Unfortunately for me, it’s something that i’ve been putting off for a while, so i guess now that i’ve let the cat out of the bag.. I may as well just go for the procedure. It’s just a mini mini? hmm.. it would be like getting rid of THIS tahi lalat on the right hand side corner of my forehead. but it does take a few days to heal. so i guess i will be stuck in brunei for that 10 days of leave…sigh under house arrest too.

it’s ok. 10 days of a whole lot of ulit ulit in bed watching tv sounds good to me.

will be off to Singapore tomorrow for work. last trip of the year. Tomorrow’s the last day of November and we’ll be welcoming 2012 in just FOUR WEEKS.




how to lose 5 more kgs in 4 weeks?