My new year’s resolution.

One liners on Whatapp are magical. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have anything of substance to share with a friend. Sometimes its just nice to check up on them by leaving a line or two on their facebook page, twitter or whatapp. my current favorite medium to keep in touch is whatapp. whatapp. whatapp. mcm instead of saying hi, you can send a photo a short video or a short voice clip. i do this because sometimes i find it easier to take a photo as opposed to TYPING. exsp when your keyboard is touch screen and god gave you big stubby fingers.

but i refuse to complain about my big stubby fingers cause that’s one my first resolutions for 2011.

1. Don’t complain, instead try to be grateful of what you have.
2. Try to accept things as they are. embrace it. let go of the little things.
3. Try to be more patient.
4. Do more non-work related Traveling.
5. Run further distances in shorter time.
6. Give more, demand less.
7. Talk less, more action.
8. Save up for the future. (this means cutting down on impulse shopping.. THINK before bolting out of Sephora with 3 tubes of lip gloss that you are never going to wear, THINK before walking out of Borders with BOOKS that you will never have the time to read..CUT THE creditcardwith the LARGER limit in HALF or shred them to death like you are SHREDDER from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle)
9. If #8 fails, BAKE more. Keep adding on new items to The Cakery’s menu.
11. Take care of yourself better.
12. Meet new people.
13. Print less on PAPER.

2011 will be my 3rd year of being back in the Village for good. Ive just realised that i’m going through a trial and error stage in my life as i experienced during my first few years of being in melbourne. I’m going through that phase where i’m still trying to find out who i am, and as far as relationship/friendship goes, trying to figure out who i should be keeping in my life and who i should be avoiding like the plague…i believe that it’s the people that you surround yourself with is what YOU are made of.

ive learnt so much this the same time i’m also discovering alot about myself. my stengths, my potential.. im running a mental SWOT analysis on MYSELF as im typing this up. Clearly, there’s room for improvement. alot of improvement.

This year, had been a challenge. (bestfriends stabbing you in the back, bestfriends not being bestfriends anymore, dealing with the mess of a bad breakup, trying to cope in a ‘working’ environment – not being your own boss anymore, separating WORK from PERSONAL life πŸ˜‰ ) It’s been really difficult you know. but alhamdulillah. i’ve finally come to terms with it and i’m slowly but surely adapting to it.

These things take years to master, as i’ve learnt during my young and stupid teenage days in Melbourne.. it’s the same thing..but the issues are now more complex. and instead of a Young and Stupid teenager, i am now an EXPERIENCED, young and stupid, YOUNG ADULT who plans to take on the year as it comes (ofcourse, being mindful of the drama that could be avoided :) )

….experienced,yound and stupid, young adult… cemana kannie? lol.

but whatever.

POKOKNYA. (the tree is)

they say what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger

…..and what comes around goes around.

*flexes muscles, kisses muscles*

2011, BRING IT!!!

<3 have a good one everybody.


I’m shoppin the Boxing Day Sale online boo! I’ve got three Diane Von tops in my cart amounting to only USD$300. oh fuck. USD. I forgot that i would have to convert it to Brunei Dollars. :( Ok. cancel one top then. no add one. cancel one. add one. cancel one. *CLOSES WINDOW*

how nice is today? the skies are blue, no grey clouds in sight. I’m confident that it’ll stay like this the whole day. well at least until 6 so that i can get my groove on around edinbrugh, MOF and the whole leg of the stadium. beats going to the gym i tell you that.

Apparently, the FZ branch in serusop is finally up and running now. but i still can’t be bothered to go. these days, i find that the gym, this one in particular is more of a place to be SEEN rather than work out. If i wanted to be seen, I’ll go to Coffee Bean, thank you.

oh i dono, ill probably join again February next year or something. I still have 3-non-refundable months to finish. kan ku apa tah tu? di frame pun inda dpt. hehe. so yeah, making running a daily thang until the whole of #Brunei starst going to the stadium..that’s when ill move on to the next thing…which is going back to the gym. haha.

okay eyes getting itchy. scratch scratch scratch.

eyes are now red.

could this be my ticket to a half day today?

kiss me.

sup GO sup FR

exams are driving me up the wall. its even harder when DECEMBER isn’t as quiet as it’s supposed to be. i should really just focus on passing ONE or the other. I’ll try not to be ashamed to rock up at the same briefing by the same people at the same venue next year.

ah pak dis shit. back to work.


Short and sweet.

Was going through the Jazz cd that i got as an xmas gift from my good friend Clare when i came across a track by Lisa Ekdahl and was instantly reminded of this song, also by her:-

This takes me back to my first year of University with my housemate Inta. We either had this on repeat, in the car or the OST to Chicago.

If the sun
Refused to shine
Down on me
‘Till the end of time
As long as i have your caress
Your tenderness
I will be blessed

If the stars
Refused their light
Just for me
They stayed out of sight
If you say you love me best
I won’t care less
I will be blessed

If the wind won’t blow your name
Until i’m still.

Funny how the songs we listened to sometimes makes more sense now than it did before.

Yes. I know, I also need to find out who that guy, playing the guitar in the video is.

how can i ignore such a pretty face?


Enjoy the rest of the week guys. Tahan2 saja. Kana marah, talan saja….

just remember, I (or YOU) will be blessed!



watching Late Nite Sessions with Mary J Blige on the Bio channel and I am instantly reminded of this song. This was one of THE hits from the 90s ok?

you take me away, to a place..
and you bring me paradise..

i know it’s been too long guys. it hasn’t been much of a quiet december for me. ive been running around being a Kulikang Extraodinaire, hopefully things will die down towards the end of the month. And then back to the vicious cycle of January, February..and the next thing you know, its this time of the year again.

Honestly, it really hasn’t felt like it has been a year. maybe we should take out YEARS and just add on more MONTHS to the calendar. Anyone creative enough to think of the name of the month after December?

me me me!

January I
February II
March III


ok bye.

Whatepppzzz yoo?

Currently blogging from a phone. Ive never blogged from a phone before. Tried once but i kept on getting script errors or maybe bcos it was just a Nokia. Huhuhu guess who just stepped on the iphone bandwagonz?


Life made easier by 1000% Niggaz. if the keyboard wasnt touch screen, i wudve added another five hundred percent nigggaaazzzz. so now, if i dont feel like textin i be whatapps-in!! And if i dont know the song i will Shazam it! And if i feel artsy fartsy i cn go instgrM it!!!!

Watch me while i shazam instgram and whAttepz my lifr awayyyyy!!!!

This shit so whack im surprised they hvent cMe up with an app that could double as a pacemaker!!!!!!

anyway, ive been trying to get hold the name of this song for a whle…


~~~~There is approaching light
A-flowing, soaring through your world
The fire burns within your heart
And now it’s yours
If you feel it in yourself
I know the light goes through the stars ~~~~~~

Kizz me

(due to difficulties with the keybrd i swr i am also slwly bt surely trnng in 2 a pkln wt ths thg!)


I’m wild again, beguiled again
A simpering, whimpering child again
Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered am I

Couldn’t sleep and wouldn’t sleep
Then love came and told me I shouldn’t sleep
Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered am I

Lost my heart but what of it?
He is cold, I agree
He can laugh but I love it
Although the laugh’s on me

I’ll sing to him, each Spring to him
And long for the day when I cling to him
Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered am I


This song brings me back to the years when i was a child when my dad played Zainal Abidin’s cassette tape on my way to school with my late uncle sitting next to him on the passenger seat.

where did by childhood go?

run forest.

Came across two new potential power songs for my run! it’s a pity that i’m only be able to run on a treadmill at some random hotel in the next few days. sigh.

ive been watching way too much gossip girl. Ive caught up with season 4.

im such a loser these days…though in a good way πŸ˜‰

bisou bisou!