Movenpick has arrived in Melbourne!!!

Sorry for neglecting the blog. I have been busy making the most of whats left of my Melbourne life. THE boy and his macbook pro arrived just intime for boxing day.. and his laptop is NOW (practically) MINE!!! Muahahaha *evil laugh brabis sampai tekeluar tonsil , inda lagi payah ke doktor*. Last week we went to witness the opening of Melbourne’s southern harbour town. kinda like the London eye but smaller.. i bet if it went abit faster it’d be like just any normal Ferris wheel hahahaha..

I guess the only thing Harbour Town (apparently Melbourne’s new HOT SPOT) should really be boasting about is the icecream franchise Movenpick. Fuck Melbourne eye man..if you want to ride a ferris wheel you can go to fun-fairs!

Anyway, Movenpick is responsible for the super creamy super delish Vanilla bars served on SQ flights . In my pms daze i simply couldn’t resist having a cone today~!! so we went..initially for the Halal Kfc.. but since it was there anyway..i say WHY NOT?? huhu.

A taste of the Mini Sorbet which Addi ended up getting.

My waffle cone filled up with two of my favourite icecream flavour in this whole wide world: Vanilla & Mint.

Addi’s cup of Mango & Raspberry sorbet.

Amal had the grapefruit and mango sorbet combination.

Afternoon bokeh ani mcm LUCAH bunyinya.tapi sebenarnya inda.

i was flipping through their menu and i thought it said “Crocodile” under a picture of chocolate icecream.. lol rupanya it said “Chocolate” hahahaha…eh.. CROCODILE>???????

another way of extracting tonsils i guess.. hahaha..

but yeah i really should make it a point to go on the ferris wheel and see what the fuss is all about. btw. im gonna ciao dulu..kan menunggu jerawat ku masak. hdiuwehfuiqehfiuqwehf. Ive got a huge one at the back of my neck and i can’t really do anything about it yet.. because its not ‘masak’. basar banar sampai sakit lihir ulehnya ah..if it was a planet it’d easily be JUPITER.

btw to those who asked, im using a Nikon D60 + Kit Lens. A new lens is longgggg can’t afford it quite yet. A girl has other things to buy.. like.. bags and shoes and jewellery!!!! Unless i could wear lenses as a pair of shoes or earrings (or a bra)…im afraid.. its not a necessity just yet!!! hahahaha.

kiss me.


hehehe im guilty of not going to my 9:30 yoga session today. aliaa & i woke up just a little bit past the time that we were supposed to drive down to the studio. i guess i’ll just go tommorrow. I was cleaning out my purse the other day and came accross my Brunei identity card. I’ve always wondered what the small metal thing on the card was for. Does anyone know kah? hahaha mcm cali jua tu kalau ku mengaga imigrisin..

*points to mysterious metal on IC* “ani bah, kan buruk ganya inda bah sudah ic ku ani..telakap lakap sudah karatasnya, untuk apakanni banarnya barang ani???”

but in all seriousness.. does anyone know? isn’t it supposed to be some sort of microchip kah to help us travel easier? mcm kalau tani takan tani jadi mcm hologram..hehehe. labeh. ataupun kalau tani takan balik tia si Mani atu ke brunei dari ya punya LONGGGGGGGG holiday.. orr..maybe its for collecting points..mcm sebenarnya untuk voucher huaho? ataupun voucher cupcake? haha there are endless possibilities..mcm..rit’ll be so funny to find out rupanya slama ani barang atu rupanya AMAS. WAU ALIF WAU. WOW!!!! walaupun carat nya randah tapi mun di sangkut ke gigi..menawan jua kali ah. huhuhu.

blaaaah. ive been pmsing lately and this time around i’ve left my samboi candy behind and have been indulging in chocolate and Reruns of Akademi fantasia from 2003 – The one where they thought (and feared for their lives) that MAS would win. awu cali cravings ku ah..adakah AF. its jsut been weird al week i tell you. Everything’s been a blur.

and what’s adding on to my PMS is the fact that i hvent been able to sell ANY of the furniture we got yet. However, we’ve printed posters and will be posting them up around the city later. Hopefully we’d get some buyers.

anyway. im going back to sleep.


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I thought id post something. The site’s looking pretty empty. Oh. and my hard drive’s totally MATI.. doubt i could get it fixed anytime soon.. or.. ANYMORE for that matter. Sakit jiwaku. banar.

1. Whatโ€™s the relationship of you and her/him?
with tina kah. we were classmates in primary school. Our paths crossed again in High school..

2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him?
First impression: i can’t really remember. that was ages ago. hahaha.

3. The most memorable things she/he have said to you.
i can’t remember. but if i have to pick anything in the world, it’s her laugh :)

4. The most memorable things she/he had done for you.
Bought my painted ‘batu’ for a dollar back in the PGGMB days. I dont know if she remembered this, but i had to give the money back the next day cause mom found out. hahahahahaaha.

5. If she/he becomes your lover, you will:
i do not have lesbian tendencies.

6. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will:
have a BLog vs Blog with her. a blog bitch fiesta!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

7. If she/he becomes your love, she/he has to improve on:
aku inda mau sama si tinaaa wah apakannie barang ani menamu namukan cani ani.

8. If she/he becomes your enemy, the reason is:
communication breakdown. the root of all evil.

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is:

10. The overall impression of him/her is:

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you?
i dont know. pressured kali.
12. The characteristic that you think you have, is?
Hmm.. I think Iโ€™m nice! LOL.


eh malas ku eh inda ku jadi. hahahahaahaha. ;p

on hiatus..again?

my macbook’s gone kaput!!

fingers crossed its not a hard drive failure!!!!!!!!!!


im just thankful that this didnt happen during assignment week!!!!

will not be posting until i get my computer fixed.


Yes Yoga, No Yoga.

INDA YOGA. I want a Christmas tree!!!!!! seriously. Everytime a Christmas song is playing at Coles i feel like filling the whole basket with Christmas ornaments, fairy lights and a turkey. haha. A walk pass Myer got me to download every song Dean Martin sang about Christmas and now i want a christmas tree. lol. talk about being subliminally persuaded.

haha. The house feels somewhat warmer now that Tharwana & Rahim are here. Its nice having them around.. Rahim is quite the entertainer and Tharwana.. err.. she’s NICE. hahahahahahahahaha. no lah both of them are FUNNY (looking).

I just realised ive only got 3 weeks to go. i havnt started packing.

ANYONE INTERESTED IN BUYING FURNITURE????????????? Melbourne Buyers only. call me 0406564544. You can find photos of them here.

Couch – $1000
My Bed frame – $700 (with mattress, study desk)
Amal’s bed frame- $450 (with mattress)
Kel’s Bed frame – $450 (with mattress)
Ikea Dresser (4 drawers) – $65
Ikea Dresser (3 drawers) – $55
Side Table – $15


kiss me.

Netenie’s secret.

Met up with my good friend 20kg-lighter-Natalie (pronounced as Na-te-nie if you’re of a Hongkong origin) and her always-have-been-and-always-will-be-pretty-sister Min Min. When i asked Natalie how she lost weight and how her face got really skinny, she told me she had took my advice seriously and had tried sticking U-zap on her face. hahaha what do you know, i guess those things really do work! I wonder what effect i-gallop would have on my face? But seriously, Nat looked really really good.. it was like she was photoshopped by xiaxue or something ๐Ÿ˜›

speaking of U-zap. do you guys ever notice kah after every uzap session your tummy starts to get itchy? mcm the only thing that would calm you right there and then is a HAIR BRUSH….or a pair of sharp scissors???….err..not that i use UZAP or anything….WHAT IS IT actually? no seriously, WHAT IS A UZAP? HAHAHAHA. Although, a friend did tell me that its normal for parts of your body to get itchy after excercising.. it means that your fats are breaking down in to amino acids or some shit like that. heh. but seriously, the itchiness can be very intolerable..mcm rasa rasa kan ku gasa parut ku ke dinding ah. hahahaha. ANYWAY..

Nat’s here for the brother’s graduation and it was so nice of her to come out despite being busy with family, boyfriend , “eat duck never bring me” and whatnot. She also came BEARing graduation gifts for me and molly..The last time i received a forever friends bear was on my 13th birthday..this goes to show that you’re never too old for forever friends :)

It also came with a certificate that said:-

This Bear Belongs to:-
Siti Mohammad Samsha Nandos Harun.
Name of Bear: Tongkat Jangguh (i’m still wondering wtf is a Jangguh!)
Date and place of birth : Melbourne, Australia 15th December 2008
Witness: Natalie Choot

natalie. hahahaha. no lah. this little fella landed on our table whilst we were having lunch at es-teler. Im just happy it didn’t come IN my plate of Nasi uduk.

Natalie & Min Min
Me: eh nat, i tried calling your number but answering machine picked up.
Nat: yeah yeah i dont have my oz number already..i already CUT my TELEPHONE.
me: cut..your..telephone.. (is that anything like having a waitress tell you your Laksa is OUT OF ORDER?)

Went to Max Brenner’s where we Yam-singed over a plate of belgian waffles. bleugh. i’m all chocolate-d out man. that was probably THE PMS fix of the YEAR. 2 weeks to new years guys..wot wottt!!!

I <3 Natalie

all in all it was a great day. Met up with the DOC for a LONNNNG karaoke session & mcdonalds afterwards. will post up photos tommorrow. I’m tired! hahaha. Thanks again Nat :) i will definitely see you next year. we’ll make it happen..somehow.

Siti Nandos

The Monkey & The Donkey’s trip to the arcade.

Lastnight the Monkey was itching to go to Crown. The Donkey on the other hand wasn’t keen on going because she wanted to feast on freshly laid grass. However, out voted by the monkey the hippo and the mother hen she had no choice but to drag her sorry ass to Crown with us.

The weather has been really DISGUSTING past couple of days. We are almost reaching the middle of december and instead of hot sunshiny days we’ve been getting cold rainy weather. It has been pouring since lastnight!!!! Kalau ujan duit inda jua apa. Rahim just got back from the gym and he was complaining about a guy who despite the freezing weather had switched on the aircon.

Rahim: Tadi bah palui ka siti ada org atu ya excercise kan ya buka aircon skalinya ya turunkan lagi temperature nya ke 16. sajuk jua rahim tu!
me: waahahahahaaaha..inda kau aga ya liatkan ya puting susu mu. “excuse me sir, do you see this!? it can frickin cut glass.”. did u do do anything?
rahim: no.

anyway…picture time…


at the tram stop.

the only good thing about the rain is the nice reflections of light you get outside on the streets. they come out really pretty in pictures.


DDR time!!!!!!

*deep heavy voice* DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!

Gtg need to make dinner. ngaleh ku sudah masak2 ani.. heh.

kiss me.

Melbourne Night Market 08.

I just woke up from a long nap. Was up at 8 today. Somehow i was pumped and ready to go for yoga. Been training myself to wake up early past few weeks and today for the first time i was able to catch the 9am Bikram class with Aliaa. Aliaa who just came back from a 2 day trip from KL was SUPER surprised by this was all like ‘Omg, this girl i leave you two days now you can wake up in the morning already!’. What a jerk. hahahaha.

Anyway, Bikram was okay. I’m still having trouble doing some of the postures and because of this i tend to get over-emotional during classes. The instructor told me that this was normal as our bodies tend to store up emotions over a period of time, that only gets released during exercise. Interesting. If this is the case..i must have been walking time bomb in the last couple of months. But all in all it was good, i even went for a 20 minute jog on the treadmill when i got back. Eh batah jua kan kurus ani. Kalau ku chatning mcm si Tina Turner during yoga.. kurus kali capat ah? yang anu Nam Yoho Renge Kya ah.. huhu. Kan. Cari pasal. hahahaha.

I have photos. Went to Night Market at Vic Mark the other night. The main attraction of the market are the over-30 stalls selling a variety of international cuisine. There were also a couple of other stalls around the market selling things like arts & crafts and over-priced reworked vintage dresses..but people came mainly for the food. Which i thought weren’t all that.

There were CORN..dipped in a choice of butter+chicken salt , butter+pepper or just “butter+can i have $4 please?” seriously. They charged that much for a cob, and the corn weren’t even as sweet as i hoped (to have paid) them to be. I felt cheated.

by her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went with the Hassan girls.

tables were set up around the market for the convenience of those who came.

Each stall was decorated festively according to the theme of food they were selling. I found this man at the Spanish Churros stall. ani baru BASA tangannya pablo!

I think this stall had the longest line of people.

Rahim & Nad joined the fun… sanggup durang bebaris. heh. walaupun gambar ani bukan mcm bebaris.. tetapi mcm pre-wedding shot. hahahaha. Nad’s 20+++++++!!!! Rahim’s only 14!!!! so no. definitely NOT A PRE WEDDING SHOT.

Next door to Churros were the Africans. In which Nawa dared me to go up to one of their men and tell them that “i really really really like your costume, would u care for a dance?”. hahahahah. The stupid games we play.There was this one time i dared Nawa to go to the 7eleven near our house and tell the man behind the counter “Thank you, i LOOOOVE you” . The only words that managed to come out of her mouth were “..Tha….Where is San-Deep?” wahahahah buleh kah ya cari si San deep. btw kel, si Sandeep ani yang bekaca mata ah. huhuhu. yang KAU ckp hemsem. *cough*.

just look at how african she looks. huhuhu.

Next door to the africans were the Gozleme turks.

the owner was Nawa’s sugar daddy.

Girl making Gozleme. A gozleme at this stall cost about $9 bucks to buy each. The taste factor if i was to rate it out of $10 bucks.. $1.08. The one at the market in Sydney road is better. Kel, remember the old scary lady who makes it at Sydney road?

Me: can i grab one goz-lee-mee please?
Old lady: NOH! GOOZ-LE-MAY!!

ah. Her Gozleme is better walaupun ya ganas sikit. Besar macam gajah. Kecil macam semut. Ganas macam manusia yang tidak makan seminggu.

Abang manith jual Gozleme. Look at how festive he looks!

We skipped ‘Mauritius’ and went straight to Kebabs.

Koftas. Which were just as mediocre as the Gozlemes.

By the time we got our dinner, i was too lazy and too hungry to explore the market further. so i returned to our table where Nad had bought $7 bucks worth of soggy chinese noodles. And an ive-had-better-plate of Butter chicken from the Indian stall.

but lapar punya pasal, they all ate in silence. huhuhu.

The same pretzel lady i met at the Chocolate festival a few months back was there!


For 5 bucks a pop, i was expecting more than bread disguised as a pretzel in cinnamon powder.

Rahim queued for Dutch pancakes drenched in icing sugar and maple syrup. This almost made the highlight of my evening..until..

Nawa brought back a plate of honey dumplings + ice cream!! This was really2 good. The dumplings were still hot when it got to the table. the choc & icecream made it..oh so dreaaamy.

Nad’s fork of dumpling, before popping it in to her mouth.

Tharwana and I suddenly had a craving for chocolate mouse and rich iced chocolate.

mnyam mnyam.

Another highlight of the evening were also the churros.

By the end of the it all, i came up with this theory that the food festival were set up for the org puteh living in the kampongs who have never heard of food like.. nasi goreng.. mee goreng.. samosa.. doner kebab.. SAMBAL BELACAN which the night market would be sure to please them to no end. The food might not be all that, but the ambience was great. I couldn’t decide whether it was the stall owners dressing up in their national costumes or the music coming from all sides of the market but there was just something about Victoria Market dressed as a Night Market that i find very charming. I wouldnt go back for the food but ill definitely go back for more ice chocolate and picture taking. My battery died half way through my churro. hahahahaha. The market will be running up till January..those of you who will be in Melbourne i recommend you to go to the night market..i found that most of the stalls are halal.

will be taking tharwana and rahim to crown tonight. Arcade time!!!!!!!!!

kiss me.

The cutting of the cake.

It was Amal’s 22nd Birthday last weekend – 6th of December…Happy Birthday Malz! huhu We only found time to cut the cake just a little bit after midnight.. which technically was the 7th..but if we were to follow Brunei punya time it was only 9pm – the previous day. so it was ok.

cake courtesy of Aunty Vivz & Kaymz

Half a candle. hahaha. by the time she blew them.. the candles were almost non-existent.

amal sporting the birthday girl badge and the mask that Tharwana bought at Sydney Road.

Doa time! Led by the Mask of Zollo. I’ve seriously underestimated this guy. Turns out he could do much more than monkey impressions.

Taken by Din.

Candid group shot. I didn’t realise the timer was on. hahaha.

I just came back from the night market..and im tired. Will do this again tommorrow ok?

kiss me.