Congrats. congrats. congrats.

I just got back from a Wedding, an ENGAGEMENT and my uncle’s place who just got back from Haj and now i’m just waiting to go to supasave with my mom to buy stuff for our mini family gathering tommorow night. blah. ngaleh ku.

Congragulations to my aunty Natalie and (now) uncle Nazri on their wedding. its about time. huhuhu.

Congragulations to my bestfriend Mimi on her engagement to Mirus. ani pun its about time.

Congragulations to Radz & Izzul on their new born baby girl.

The world is effed up, YO!

Sadly the world is filled with chauvinistic men. This is why i’ve succumbed to the world of DDR. lagi siok. inda mengacau org. I am now pass the beginner stage but i’m still trying to conquer basic. Thanks to it, i now feel like every song i hear on the radio is playable on DDR. Exsp that remake of Nora’s Dipersimpangan Dilemma. What the Hell right? Probaby the shittiest remake of an oldie ive heard in ages.

I know its been around a long time. But i’ve always thought people who played it looked stupid. skali awal ani; SIAPA YANG STUPID? lol. Below is my favourite song to DDR to:-

i’m looking forward to spending my final (sob) year in Melbourne playing DDR in the arcades in China Town like the typical Honky. lol. Right now i’ll just stick to DDR-ing at home as my current Ddr-playing isn’t even The Mall Worthy. lol.


it’s DanceDance Revolution, Bitch!

kiss me.

Hari the kitty kat.

Hari my cat has been sneezing non-stop. My mom’s been saying;- while i’m allergic to Hari, Hari’s allergic to me. Well, It could be somewhat the case. I’ve just googled Cat+Sneezing+why and i found out that cats can get the same allergic reactions like humans.. apart from that Hari might be having cancer or a respiratory track infection. the poor thing. She’s just probably worn out pasal she just had kittens. all four of them. aku pun tu kali ngaleh kalau ku branak 4 org skali gus. hahahahahaha org gila saja inda ngaleh kali.

B-T-W usulku mcm murut awal ani. (pyh saja mun andang waris)

paloi. i’m still not over the kirai accident.

di brunei ani org banyak menjaling ah. kenapa kan tu. budaya menjaling atu. bisai lagi budaya MELEPAK perasahan ku drpd budaya Menjaling. Me and my girls were at Aminah Arif earlier in the evening. Two plates of belutak later we decided to have a heart to heart conversation..inda plang brapa heart to heart nya, but i thnk somewhere between Nad finding a strand of very very long hair in her Pakis (it wasn’t long brabis plang but it was long enought NOT to be in a plate of Pakis!) and me secretly fussing over my straw of my manisan selasih.. Wanah saw the couple in the corner rolling their eyes at us and muttering “kalau paham bisai”. huhuhu. Payah jua tu kan bckp namanya kadai atu sudah andang2 be ECHO bah. nda di bagi durang carpet bah kadai atu yatah membarinya kami bebisik pun kadangaran nyanta eh. Inda jua payah menjaling KALI AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Skali another family came in, so i decided to smile at the nini girl who just kept on staring at us..padahal at that time we weren’t even TALKING anymore. we weren’t even BREATHING lol .skali she looked away. but before that ya JALING. I can’t help but think its my Kirai’s fault. bida banar kali kirai ku ani sampai org tua2 pun jaling2. mcm “eh, ni..MARAH JUA KITA?”

time bonus pun marah jua. time inda bebonus pun marah jua. hairan. nya iban nya HAIRAN AKO. kalau nya si maurina tu : “ee banci!” lol. lating sorang ah.

anyway, taking my cat to the vet first thing in the morning. tapi bukan vet kerajaan eh. vet kerajaan haing sikit. i remember taking my sick kittens to the free vet, i think ive mentioned this in one of my posts sudah.. its that time when i told the doctor that my cats weren’t feeling very well skali nya vet atu nya :

“tapi makan ia?”
awu makan..

eheh..jadinya makan inda mati. mati jua kucing ku. baik jua kucing murah. mun kucing persian KU SUE.


ok THANK YOU (ala ala shah rukh khan from a scene in Kuch Kuch Hota he). BULEH KAH ADVERT BISMI DI JALAN RAYA AH..GAMBAR SHAHRUKHKHAN SAMA SI ANJALI. baik nda kana SUE????

kiss me.

OMG. I have freaks on my msn.

and i haven’t got the slightest idea where they came from. dhwefheiwhfiweh. its annoying. there’s this dude who’s been asking me the same questions every time he clicks on me.

Freak: Brisbane nice place?
me: yes.

Freak: Brisbane nice place?
me: yes

Freak: Brisbane Nice place?
me: yes

Freak: hi, Brisbane nice place?
me: you’ve asked me that already and i said YES. huhu.
Freak: just to make sure. is Darwin nice?

block. delete.

annoyed ku sudah brabis.

i have no idea why im very agro today.

Koreans does the job better.

i know i shouldn’t be saying this but i miss…(my) melbourne hair dresser. and my melbourne eyebrow waxer. sasakku. i went to get my eyebrows plucked yesterday, and i came home looking as garang as this person that i know, that i dont like. I avoid looking at myself at the mirror pasalnya, bari ijab bah kirai ku. it looks like i just hosted a botox party and paid anyone who happens to own a syringe to do it. how long does it take for the rest of your brow to grow out ah? slalu ni, i can never find the right person to shape my brow, nup not here. I notice that by the end of a session

1. i either end up looking like the person who does it. i.e kalau pundan kirai nipis. mati lah ku, PERNAH KALI AH.
2. rush down to the body shop at the mall to get myself an eyebrow pencil.

this time around it was neither. pasal its a whole new genre of kirais; its garang animal day. palui. what part of ‘jangan luan nipis, pasal muka ku basar, just clean saja’ dont they understand ah?? nyusahkan aku saja. ataupun they should walk around with a disclaimer; “jangan pluck eyebrow sama saya, saya suka buat nipis nipis”.

anyway. heh. had a bbq by the pool today with the family. pecaya kamu. aku kelayi sama ITU MANI pasal ITU MANI TIDA SUROH SAYA MASAK. huhuhuhuhu. stress ia pasal aku turut turutan masak. hahaha. sasakku. he was hogging the grill the whole day. heh.

eh sasakku eh kirai ku nipis ah.

ada bejual extention kirai kah?

diwefhuwhfiuwfhuhfiwehfuidhfuifewibrebiw in the words of my nini boy; “Cheh, bladispul!”

kiss me.

i may be the girl with the evil laugh but some people are just evil.

Tired.I feel like i just came back from a rave.

was at Pantai Muara from 10ish till 6..drove home quicky mandi-ed and changed to attend the GBN gathering which you will find more info about here,here and here.

Added:- GBN.GBN.GBN.

On the bbq;- great turn out. thanks for coming people. anu bah, left my camera at the pantai. but Din has it now..nevermind, the thing is, i wont be able to post up any photos of the bbq anytime soon lah UNTIL I GET MY CAMERA OFF DIN. Photos of the event could be accessed here and maybe here. thanks alot boys for coming!

the bbq took alot out of me lah. haha i think im going to spend my sunday recuperating on my bed….shit eh atukan aku balik putih. hahahahahaha. sampai orang ya di tamu yang jual tungking atu pun ada comment

Me: eh mas apa khabar mas.
Mas tungking: baik. lama inda nampak ah.
Me: awu baru balik.
Mas tungking: o ya kah dari mana belayar nya.. balik putih ..mesti dari negara yang JAUH.
me: awu.. ostrali mas.
Mas tungking: ah.. ya lah patut putih
Me: awu nda jua putih banar. kau yang itam ani. kau lah spatutnya putih, pasal kau KRAJA MALAM.
mas tunking: *tekidum*.

I just found out that Zunic offers ‘HOT’ Yoga.. Isn’t hot yoga the same as bikram? i miss bikram. KEL. kirimsalam si tim anu instructor gigi putih yang betuala2 ganya menginstruct ah. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. miss alai eh. oh anyway, kalau hot yoga’s offered at Zunic, ill be the first one there, tommorow..inda jadi recuperate. lol. ill recuperate at yoga.

kiss me.

Ps: Thanks to those who stayed back and helped out with the cleaning up at the pantai. You people know who you are.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone!

I’m back just in time for hari raya haji rupanya. inda tah ku sadar2 yang slama ani they’ve been going over to my uncle’s house everyday since the start of the week for tahlil. I didn’t even know that i had family members who went for Haj!!!!! But anyway, its good to be back around this time, cause i’m able to see all my aunties, uncles and cousins at one go. inda payah ku drive sini sana sinin sinun. huhuhu.

kel yoga kau hari ani kah? i’m suffering from bikram withdrawals. i miss it. i didn’t bring my runners this time around so it’ll be a while till i go in to the routine of squashing and tasek-ing. Paksa bali lagi. SIGH. inda tia muat beg ku atu bah. sama takut ku excess.

oh. to those who have been wondering why i havent replying to texts and calls.

….aku nada be-line. yang kamu konfiden me-msg2 numbur lama atu EHEM..balum besambung tu. huhuhuhu…teliat pun ku inda mesij kamu ah. huhuhuhu. nanti ku

eh kamu, Selamat Hari raya haji ani mana pakai Maaf Zahir & Batin kan? hahaha yatah cali tu dimalam my aunty was telling me about what my uncle said to her..

Bushu Jibz:- Eh Bry, Slamat hari raya aji ah..
Uncle Habry:- Awu, maaf zahir dan batin.
Bushu Jibz: ehe, ketara tia org banyak dusa arah ku ah..

huhuhuhuhu. one of the things i love about being back is listening / having silly conversations cemani ani.

kiss me.