Last day of 2006.

I’ve got nothing planned for tonight. Thankgod for E. No. not the letter E. The channel. huhuhuhu.

Wishing all of you another 12 months of happiness (kurangkan makan) , joy (kurangkan mengumpat) and good health (kurangkan besigup) ! 😀 muaaaaaaaaaaaah!

kiss me.

ps: kalau brad pitt sama angelina jolie jadi brangelina.. kalau kudil sama Dang kasum apa? Kusum? Kudang? huhu…

pps: im getting sick of hearing TomKat all the time. I think its time for a change of channel. *click*.

wah.. anthony bourdaine……………………..he’s a splitting image of George Clooney lah! tapi lagi seksi ia. huhuhu. wooo hooo. Ren. Aku tau kau suka. aku pun suka. huhu i miss you ren. 100x.

PPPS: my blog looks pretty bare. so i thought HEY an opportunity to post a random (and nice..) picture (of me)!! vanity IS a nuisance. huhuhu.

Sash,Molly and Nad on Nawa’s birthday. heh. ive gone a few shades darker since september pfft. uwa. itam bekarak mcm buntut belanga yang sering di pakai oleh si Anik.

First and Last Boxing Day of my laife.

I’m back (so soon?), this time on Norhana’s laptop. She left it lying around in the house for me to use while kel and her hops onboard a gigantic BRA sale at Target! how nice!

The whole of melbourne is still on sale. Boxing day Sales were overrated. Although the sales in Myers on that day was really good there were hardly any space in the department store to breathe, let alone shop! And level 2 David jones was sooo out of the question!! Ground floor david jones wereee betamu gusi full ok? But who could blame anybody when Sass and Bides , Marcs , Seduce, Shona Joy, Alice McCall & Alannah Hill ,One teaspoon – all the populat POPULAR haha (polulat eh) australian designer were all on SALE?

This is the house of brands we’re talking about.

a TEMPLE for many fashion crazed girls out there.

$200 tops selling for err..close to NOTHING? . huhuhu.

But i said no to david jones and observed the place only from the wet benches outside on bourke st (it was also raining on that day!).. gila david jones looked like a lifesize JUMANJI and the last thing i would want is to be trampled to death by Miss Sixty wearing BLONDES.

We did managed to get a few nice things here and there pulang (i got my friss co bag ive been wanting so much for 30% off!)..and i made a mistake of getting this one teaspoon dress (no not david jones, from another store) that i do not have the slightest idea of how to wear. I tried wearing it as a pinafore but ew. cannot lah. yatah moral of the story..just because its on sale YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY IT..and one teaspoon sucks. i’m sticking to my Cue.

Yatahbah, u know how sales can be soo overrated – all the nice things are still selling at full price so you end up spending more than what you bargained for. So yeah that’s the last time i’m shopping on boxing day. huhu.

anyway, im hungry
and ive got a book to finish. huhuhu
nanti lagi haaaaaaaaa…

kiss me.

Bunga Bunga Smack That

let me be annoying for two seconds..

smack that.. na na na
smack that.. na na na
smack that .. na na na na..

lol. awu bah indabah. let me redeem myself..

Hanyaa satuuu ku pintaAaaa dariMuUuuuu.. hargailah..cintaaa..
na na na na menikam jiwa iniiiiiiiiiiii… na na na kembalilah kepadakuuuuuu
selamilahh jiwa iniiii yang terlukaaaa.. eseh..

bunga bunga cinta kali ah. buuuleh. MISHA kali ah. misha pundan. i find pondans impersonating to the likes of mariah carey, whitney houston , misha omar excruciatingly FUNNY. they tend to over do the movements (may it be the hands, head swings to left and right, hair flips etc etc) and that what makes them so fantastic. At the same time, i find straight men and women who stooges misha-omar-singing pondans even funnier. huhuhuhu.

now this little boy is just fabulous!

Lip synching to RATU. inda tusyen kah? huhuhuhu.

anyway. my laptop won’t be fixed until the 2nd week of the new year. fuck (awu marah) that. I was looking forward to a week of playing SIMS before school starts. argh. pacah kepalaku. Bush. awu. membari malas. sabar2 tah dulu.

i shall speak to you people soon. Have a very merry new year. nya babunya jantah celebrate nya. taun ani Aji akhbar.

Selamat Hari raya Aidil Adha 🙂

kiss me.

On the phone with the repair centre.

Her: Hello.
Him: Hi.
Her: (somewhere along the lines of) How’s my laptop?
Him: Oh. We haven’t got anything back yet from the technician. He’s still waiting on a hard drive.
Her: Oh. really. but its been two weeks.
Him: Yes, we’re aware of that.
Her: So?
Him: So what?
Her: how now?
Him: I’ll call you with updates.
Her: oh? (Her way of saying.. go screw yourself)
Him: yes..
Her: oh? (” ” ” ” ” ” way of saying..” ” “)
Him: hmm?
Her: ok. thank you (palui) .

i’m still kicking myself for saying ‘thank you’ at the end.



mengapa????? Menunggu hard drive tumboh dari gigi kali?? “oh”x1000!!!!!!!!!!!

kiss me.

tick tock.

Norhana’s been urging me to post. So here i am posting. You know, how people go: “oh i don’t read Her/His site anymore because its boring!” . The last thing i want is to be called “boring” so here i am, trying to think of something mind blowing-ly not boring to talk about. *scratches head*

Ive been watching the shopping tv (kind of like smart shop) on and off the whole week and now i’m convinced that i neeed:-

-A Magic Bullet
-Pro-Activ Solution (as used by P-diddy and Britney spears)
– Miracle Vacuum.

Magic Bullet’s probably the next best thing since Pitera was discovered for SKII huhuhu .
It blends everything :- everything to everything. It’s even microwavable..and you could cook PASTA SAUCES in seconds and make COCKTAILS (not like i’m gonna drink any) in a snap of a finger. Gila yo Handal. Its like the GOD of all BLENDERS. huhuhu. and if u buy now.. u get a free magic bullet “upgrade” that consists of a juice maker and an extra whipper. huhuhu.

Pro-Activ Solution .. its a facial wash. Prior to watching the ad i never knew Jessica Simpson had acne..probably because she doesnt. And i honestly thought puff daddy would have other things in the world to worry about (court hearings, gangster shootings , maybe getting braces etc..etc) rather than bad skin. gila. sekali.. the whole time i was watching it i was stuffing myself with mouthfuls of ferrero rocher.. skali..aku rasa rasa siring telinga ku..yo. ada tia jerawat atu yo. huhuhuhu. and i spent the rest of the afternoon watching Britney Spears’ punya skin turned in to a baby’s bottom..and here i am.. still touching my pimple near my ear and going.. kalau ku pakai pro activ solution..ilang kali ah… ? huhuhuhu. inda kan inda baik. baik kali ah.mun puff daddy lagi pakai. oh sorry. P.DIDDY. kalau pro activ ani dpt membari kurus mana saja..huhu mcm MERIT.

Miracle Vacuum. I’m convinced this is the best vacuum in the vacuum planet. MIJA PUN YA TESIROK. huhuhuhuhu. I could probably use it to save the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huhu……. my way of showing it off is by using the vacuum at the beach. hahaha memvacuum pasir. hahahaha.

but what i really need now is.. a new swimming cap. anyone knows if they come in different sizes? because mine doesn’t seem to fit properly. i keep on getting my hair wet. unless..andangnya cap or no cap you still get your wet?

oh well. im off. huhuhuhuhu. ISOK BOXING DAY YOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kiss me.

ps: si norhana tidur sini. and she brought her swimming aparrel, shorts and RUNNING SHOES. ya pikir apa kan sini ani? FOBISSEA?? hahahahaha.

Merry christmas!

This festive season..

my laptop broke down..(ho..ho ..HOE),

ive got the Girls of the Play Boy Mansion theme song stuck in my head.

come on a myhouseee a my houseeeee i’m gonna give you candyyy..~

and most importantly,

i learned how to dance. lol. elf dangan bibir bibirnya menari. lol.

Selamat berkerismas everyone. drife safe. sayno to drugs. peace to the world.

kiss me.

Kamu semua holiday kah?

How many times have i started a post with: “i have nothing to talk about?” . Well.. same thing this time. The only difference being, that this time around it’s true. i really have nothing to talk about. I have been so un-inspired. I guess it’s just not the same blogging from other peoples’ laptops as it is on your own.

I have a feeling that my laptop won’t be fixed until after christmas. and this feeling of knowing that my laptop won’t be fixed until after christmas sucks.

i’m typing away on Kel’s toshiba now. The keys are thank god (so much!) slightly visible compared to Sir Julian’s Viao..but it’s not quite acer. as much as i hate the damn thing. i miss it. huhuhu.

Ive started swimming again. I bought new bedsheets Ive been splurging on food… huhuhu.and im still craving for pumpkin pie.

hmm.. oh i dont know….

blank. ku. berabis.

Natalie Choot, please call me whenever you are free. Boxing day next want to join us or not? huhuhu.

anyway, if i dont get to blog next few days:- Have a merry christmas and a happy new year everybody. stay safe. don’t do things i wouldnt do!

aaaahhh buringgg.

kiss me.

ps: you are still one kabasaran person la. ok. u can go and tell you little kebasaran friends your “side” of the story now.

Sir Julian is in the house!!

Currently blogging on his Viao. The keys are so small that i find myself wishing for smaller fingers. My laptop is still at the ‘workshop’. Last i checked it needs a motherboard replacement. Thank god..(sooo much)..that it is still on warranty.

Jule’s busily waxing his legs on the floor. banar.

oh. nad’s here. huhuhu. with candy canes.

i better go..the keyboard’s starting to piss me off anyways.

kiss me.

He says i spell tommorow. tommorow. huhuhu.

fine. tomorrow.

computer ku rusak lagi. so i’m going to go on the phone with the acer “specialists” and DEMAND for a quick fix. Looks like i’m going to see “X for X-Men” Angel again.

i guess i’m going to go on a short hiatus. just until my laptop is OK again…

tatak boley ini masham la.. sikit sikit losak sikit sikit losak.

pui. tatak gunya punya laptop oo..

jangan beli “ace” ok? ini bland ace suka losak losak. kalau mau beli..itu mactosh balu bagus!! itu mactosh hor..wa ada tengok dalam iklan kalau buat itu muwi (movie) ada kasi kalua JISEL banchan oo.. wa mau coba..mau kasi kelua.. ini..

edison chen..


wow. manyak seksi kan?? lu tatak pecaya. ini lelaki..engrish dia manyak bagutz..boley jadi plesident itu amalika shalikat.

jangan maaalllaaaah.

kiss me.

Pop Six Squish Uh-uh Cicero LipSHitz!!

Im watching whose line is it anyway on the comedy channel. we’ve finally upgraded our foxtel package to the big value one (just for summer). good. now i can practise on my british accent from watching the FOOD channel all the time. Sitting here, infront of the 40 something channel-tv reminds me of holidays back home where i would spend every morning (before squash) flicking endlessly through the astro channels and settling with CIT CAT BERSAMA HAZWAN or the previous night’s repeat of Istana Idaman. If i was lucky, sometimes i could catch Bazaar on the discovery travel channe and if i was really really luck Anthony Bourdaine. huhu.. ..bad days usually starts off watching FLoyd COOKING. He’s such an asshole.

Oh. I’m not usually on the BIG VALUE package for a reason. I just dont think paying 78 bucks a month for cable tv is worth it unless ofcourse, my mom is paying. huhuhu. yes. im a STUDENT. huhuhu. ive also got boxing day to save up for. huhhu i can’t wait!!

Ive got nothing planned for today.. *sigh*..

i guess more tv?

oh. I want to watch Chicago. where is my chicago dvd???

i dont understand why Kel doesn’t like the movie. everytime i want to play it..she’ll be like “ih balik balik jua ni eh chicago ani eh.. inda jua siok? siok kan? inda jua siok? siok kan?” balik balik macam cd garit. huhuhu. Watching Rene and Catherine Zeta Jones razzle dazzle it out on broadway is a bundle of joy!! huhuhu i love love love love movie musicals.. the other movie i enjoy watching is Cabaret. A story about two foreigners working in Berlin during the rise of the Nazi’s. i loved the songs featured in this one.

one of my favourites. huhuhu.

apakanie meliat movie saja anie.. maybe i should get a book. yes a book.

kiss me.