half an hour till 2006.
Just got back literally 15 minutes ago. Our flight home was delayed by ONE NIGHT. GILA MAN. u can imagine how frustrated we were when we got on the plane at 10oclock dubai time this morning when we were supposed to arrive BRUNEI the same time today. its almost 12. doubt dad will let us drive us anywhere..

oh how ive missed you.

im okay. gonna get some rest lah.blisters on my feet. not funny.

dah’s wedding tommorow 🙂 big day for her. Selamat Pengantin Baru babes. *mwa*.

to the rest of you.
I wish you all a very Happy New Year 🙂 Sehat sehat slalu. kurangkan manis didalam minuman banyakkan manis didalam senyuman 🙂 nya babu nya; “lihat jam baru ditangan, jangan lupa cincin di jari.” hahahaha. whatever that means.

tag replies soon.

Syazy Harun

kiss me.

Dubai is fabulous!

9:34am Dubai time. that’s like 1:34pm Brunei? yeah. maybe. ive been losing track of time since i arrived here.I left my motorola back at home and ive forgotten to bring a watch pun. kan how can i be so forgetful? i loath not being able to tell the time when i wake up in the middle of the nite for a shishi. i feel so lost. Otherwise, im having a fabulous time here in dubai. its beautiful lah kamu. not many tall buildings i guess the architecture’s meant to be like that.. beautiful cars on the roads.. the workers pun are mostly foreign.. alot of tagalog going on here and there kinda like brunei. only more developed..We’re staying at this textile mall place.. not too far from the city sadly (but fun) i am now in to the whole “oh dubai is nice to buy Kain” thing. hahahaha.. and its soooooooo true. hahaha. im almost broke now from buying all those indonesian laces.

went on a cruise last nite with the family.. amazing how everything here is so heavily priced.. the 2hr cruise inclusive of belly dancing (the lady didnt show up at the end. tipah tertipu!) had cost mom 312dhs kali thats 100ish bucks our money. if i had known earlier i wundt have slept all the way lah. haha. we were just so tired that we konked out in the boat . and i mean all of us. hahaha. huhu “cruise” turned in to world’s most expensive power nap. tapi banar lawa. id post up pictures but none of us brought our laptop on the trip. so that wud have to wait lah..

Going for the city tour this afternoon.. shud be another breath taking experience
. its beautiful wah kamu. beautifullllllllllllllllll.. berabis in the worldddddd. im coming back here for my honeymoon hahaha.

k gonna go headback to the room for breakfast.
its good to get out of brunei once in a while.

kiss me.


last squash session with Julian at JPC.
got in to deep shit with dad because of it. he called us all the way from london and went; “inda berakal jua kamu ani..kan belayar malam ani. main lagi tu. sadang jua inda berakal ani.” *SIGH* inda lagi teampas bula lapas atu hahaha. i tink the call effected jule’s momentum jua after that. hahaha. sorry boy. but yes me and kel seriously had fun playing with you. enjoyed it very very very much. next time lagi !

zam & grace. was good seeing u guys tadi over lunch. catch up when i get back.
dylls: babe. sorry for not telling you that im leaving…but ill be back sooner den u tink.

my flight has been delayed. tot id post lah. hehe. kecarian ni karang semua semuanya in this world.

merry kissme.

from Syazy- with love.

10 in the morning.. *yawn*. skipping squash for the 100th time this week. Kudnt get up this eyes felt like they were glued together. Im not sure whether i shud go back to sleep or go mandi after this.. the only reason why i woke up was because Aniq was going in and out of the room dumping things in to my brother’s suitcase – to the point of annoying. sigh. *yawn*.

Saw Bon three times yesterday. Morning Noon Night ani kan? baru namanya cinta. haha. I guess its making up for all the times that im not going to see her sampaiiiii nu year. She came with me to Huaida’s nikah by the way. Again, congragulations babe. aku pun tarus tesliur kan mau nikah jua. hahaha. Witnessed Dah’s nikah from this room that looks out in to the ceremony. All the girls around me were trying their best not to break down in to makeup smudged tears though to no avail hahahaha nyaman ketawa ku meliat sorang2 menarik tissue dari handbag. INDUSTAN kali ah dalam ah. i had to tell myself over and over that my eyeliner wasn’t water proof to stop me from crying. hahaha. never actually went to experience Nikah btw. I wasn’t pretending that i didnt know anything about these kawin processions.. the thing is I REALLY DIDNT KNOW. i know the basics of Nikah pulang..and sanding but other den that sorry naik lorry lah im just clueless. ..pasal FAMILY kami alum ada yang kawin bah.. MENUNGGU aku bah durang anie ah tunggu ku kawin karanggggggg.. aku nguruskan anak urang kawin pulang. nah kau.

oh. and i heard they mentioned my name a couple of times over drinks last nite. i wonder what everrr..for.. ah.. hmmmmmmm……

Me and bon realised that everyone is getting married these days. and each year the people who are getting married are the ones closer to our age. as in..i quote bon “Yang kawin ani nada lagi ada “kaka” or “abang” punya status!”. Its true, lately semua yang kawin ani are the ones we call on first name basis..for example “Dah!” just thinking of it can be very very unnerving. mcm wow.. i have to get married in 3 years time.. i have to find a GUY NOW. i have to…WOW. im not 16 anymore-that kind of thing. for some people lah 😛 otherwise im just taking it easy.. (aiseyyyyyyy!,thats what im saying now … come back when im 25-and-not-married yet..see what i wud say then hahaha confirm dangan background music SEDIH ku becerita tue…kwang kwang kwang..

leaving tonite. havent packed. mcm malas ku kan belarai ani. at the same time its kind of good jua that im getting out of brunei. u can’t have too much of a good thing jua kan? the trip to dubai will balance everything out. will be coming back just in time for Dah’s sanding.. not sure what im doing Nuyears. i kud be at three places.
1. Empire. with the lot.
2. At home. belting out the lyrics to KEHEBATAN CINTA on the karaoke with my family.
3. My room..count down sendiri sendiri. skali tidur. exactly what i did on nu years 2002. ah. depressing.

anyway, meeting up with Julian for lunch.

but i dont feel like lunch. *pouts*

bah kamu. doubt ill be posting for awhile.
so ill probably see you all in the nu years.

i wish you all a Merry kerismassssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and a happyyy nu year~~ WITH LOVE <--(with love ni ah..jan main main!) kiss me.

hmmm….. i want to meet KING KONG..grrr..

Listening to : Gaelle – Give it Back..

crazyyy lyrics. “Give it back, You’ve HIJACKED MY MIND an so..” HIJACK tu yo. hahaha jangan main main!!

Just got back from Chills. had breakfast that consisted of COKE with lots and lots of ICE with Bonita and Mimi. Bon maintained her cheerful mood from lastnite i hope she’s not gonna go low batt..before Dah’s Nikah this afternoon. kalau inda im in big trouble haha. Nawa’s family was here over the week explains why ive not been returning anyone’s calls or texts in the last 3 days. ive just been so busy taking them around Brunei. Spent most of my time taking the mom back and forth Khazanah and first metro. haha Kain is apparently cheap here in Brunei. Now that they’ve all left .. i feel mcm.. sunyi lah. Her family is oh so very the lovable. The week was filled with non-stop laughter. Havent been getting proper sleep..tried catching up with some sleep whilst watching Kingkong with them yesterday afternoon..but i kept on jerking in my sleep tekajut pasal banyak bunyi dinosour sama kingkong. I found the movie annoyingly NOISY lah! hahaha. mcm inda nyaman tidur ku..tekajut tekajut kan? hahaha. Can’t believe they’ve left sudah.. *sigh* . Got an invitation from the brother to spend nu years eve over in KL..( ciye, im in the VIP list now ah? haaha 2805 KL version? sounds good.) but im highly doubtful that i can go. im leaving for dubai sooner den i think.. ive lost touch with what’s been happening around the house. Mom told me 2 weeks ago that we were leaving on saturday the 24th. but Nawa asked my mum over dinner and she was told that we were ONLY leaving on monday the 26th. Ashraf texted me this morning asking me WHY im leaving on MONDAY when everyone’s leaving on SATURDAY.. so im like what????? bila kan ku belayar anie??? haha. it wasn;t until i saw my maid mounting my brother’s baju in a suitcase that i realised that we are leaving tommorow. haha busy banar. Dubai. something to look forward to. Dad’s in uk now so he’ll be joining us there on Sunday. it shud be good lah.. hehe.

oh god.
blank blank blank.

later lagi lah. gonna go get ready for dah’s Nikah. heheheheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kiss me.

Sassy; still alive and kicking

for not posting. huhu. been busy in the last few days. long story.

saw kingkong at the empire in the afternoon. had a power nap in the middle of the movie..that was one hell of a LONG movie man. GILA kali. it was good lah. some of it lah. not all. huhuhu. but the company was faaaantastic.

its been a long day for kingkong.
its been a long day for me.
now i need coffee and Bonita.

feels like ive been out of town lah.

kiss me.

PS: I MISS SQUASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *note to self: make it a point to try and squish squash this weekend. blah.


D, i know i was supposed to take u out for squash today, butme was busy!! see u soon k.
Dah, leaving for dubai on Monday. huhu. definitely will be here for ure prak prak boom boom.

Poker texas Hold em// World’s happiest girl

with faiz over the phone. Dah berakal banar adimu ani. ya nelipun and ive been on hold for almost 3 minutes now. thank god he’s paying for the call. hahahahaha. mati ku eh. pakar saja ku baik. huhuhu.

okay. “girl talk” done and over with. hahaha.

i miss HIS posts. They’re always short pulang but they never fail to entertain. (what im really trying to say is “Naz i want TEH TAREK!”.)

currently talking to Naz and Alai online. playing a round of poker on yahoo pun whilst typing all this out. damn im good at multi-tasking. haha I caught up with Ghah and Zari tadi at funbread in d afternoon got to talking about how GUYS are awfully SHIT at multi-tasking. haha. men who can multitask are a rare occurance lah.. most of them are made up of chefs..tell me how often do u find hot/single/sexy/akusukaberabis/yangmamapunsukaberabis/ male chefs in Brunei? kan. haha. Kan?. anyway it was a good catching up session lah..what we were rambling on and on about all afternoon was a warm up for the next meeting i had with Alai tadi, in the evening, at taurean. Which was good too. huhu.

I notice kan..i can only have analytical conversations such as “why more & more women are running after rich married men?” with a handful of my girlfriends. ok lah maybe its more towards obsessing-about-anything-and-everything but its different in a sense that it doesnt revolve around pedicures to ” ‘does ‘my pink eyeshadow matches the colours of Sugar and Spice punya walls?” ! numsayin?

and here is the LIST of girls i can have FUN analytical conversations with:-


*happy happy joy joy*
yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. you’ll find out why soon 😛

anyway gonna go teach naz play poker now. oh ive discovered POKER on yahoo. hahah fun fun fun.
kiss me.

Indahnya Sepi.

Song of the day :- Ren Tobing & Shelomita – Indahnya Sepi.

Indahnya Sepi
Ketika mentari tinggi
Sendiri ini terjadi
Seperti biasa

Yang lalu kala perdana
Sendiri untuk melangkah
Diantara rayu berpadu

Chorus :
Tak peduli rupa
Wajah sayu tebal sudah rasa
Biarlah terjadi kini

Kukan terus sendiri
Walau berat nian terasa
Ku tetap mandiri

Indahnya sepi
Bilakah tiba masanya
Diri ini pasti bersanding

hey. look on the bright side 🙂

kiss me.


Been downloading songs off irc the entire day..

Cindy feat Glenn – Rintangan
:- Currently listed under top 10 on the Tembang Charts. All these AF1 // Af2 winners are coming up h their own albums and Cindy’s one of them. The song is alright..nothing WOW about it. Sweet Sultry vocals by Cindy.. usual OOooOo & Eeee OoooEee notes by Glenn. its true. anything with glenn in it can’t be all that bad kan? giving it a 7/10.

Mike – Besar :- Idol runner up? i was told. Apart from his rendition of Cintakan Membawa Kembali this is the only song i like from his Album. His Album was really biasa saja..from the comments that ive read on tembang people had expected more from him. sayang eh. Tapi its always like that with Indo artists. I notice jarang kan lawa album durang..i think the only albums that i enjoy listenting so far (back to back) are the ones by Marcelll, Glenn , Reza , Dygta and recently Kerispatih. I think out of these 5 .. Glenn’s the only one who has been consistent. I guess if ure in to shaky vocals like Mike’s.. you’d enjoy listening to his album lah.. with me the shaki-ness just gets annoying after awhile..huhu. its the kind of album u have to listen balik2 to appreciate. but i guess he’s OKAY lah for a newcommer. huhu. I give this song 6/10.

Tangga – Ajariku Rahasiamu :- Still doesn’t beat “Terbaik Untukmu” . Never been a huge fan of them. blah. I find them a tad overplayed and sooooo overrated. 3/10.

Ressa Harlembang – Masihkah Adakah Cinta :- knocked off the tembang charts this month. Ripped off his new album Ressa 2005. currently the only song i have from the new album. “Ratu Hatiku” still rocks on my list lah. Again nothing wow about it. Have yet to listen to his whole album. 3/10.

Glenn Fredly – Pada Satu Cinta :- Another Mellow number. By the looks of the ‘searches’ i found on irc tadi.. Glenn has a new album out.. but as a Soundtrack from “Silver Cinta” guessing from the titles of the songs in the soundtrack its another romen romen indon movie lah. Havent dengar the rest of the songs yet..but it looks promising. 6/10.

Kerispatih – Kejujuran Hati, Cinta Putih .. SEMUA. :- My new dygta. loving their album at the moment. 6/10 for Kejujuran Hati..(which im beginning to love) Cinta Putih (blogged about this song before kali.) :- 6/10.

kan. havent found anything that i really really really like.
hope you all find this helpful lah. i was just jobless with nothing to do at 2:30 am.

kiss me.